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Practice Manager - Sync with Companies House

Article ID: 2764
Last updated: 04 Apr, 2023

Sync with Companies House gives you the ability to pull information from the Public Register into TaxCalc.

For new limited company clients, TaxCalc can import the following data to create a new client in Practice Manager:

  • Company Name
  • Company Type
  • Company Registration Number
  • Registered Office
  • Standard Industrial Classification Code (SIC Codes)
  • Usual Year End (Accounts) Date
  • Confirmation Statement Date
  • Incorporation Date
  • Company Directors/Secretaries and Service Addresses
  • Person with Significant Control and their Nature of Control

Please note: Some functionality in the Companies House Sync wizard may be limited due to not having appropriate licence. For more information on licence, click here.

Companies House Search

Step 1 - Create a new Limited Company client.

Step 2 - Enter the Company Registration Number or the Company Name in the Name of Company field and select Search Companies House button. TaxCalc will search the Public Register for the related companies.

Step 3 - Select the company from the results table and select Use.

Step 4 - Enter in a new client code and review the information that is about to be imported from Companies House Public Register and select Create.

Companies House Sync Wizard

Companies House Sync wizard will guide you through populating your local data with information received from Companies House and allow you to sync all data at once or individually as required.

Clicking on Sync All or Sync Item for the first time in the wizard for the selected client will require confirmation to sync the local data with companies House data.

Tick I am happy to automatically sync on selection if you do not want to be prompted again.

At each step, click on Continue to advance to the next step. Click on Go Back to return to the previous step.

Click on Finish and Open at any point to save the data that you have synced so far. You can always return to the wizard to complete the data sync by selecting Sync with Companies House under Clients / Contacts in Practice Manager.

Sync with Companies House can also be launched by clicking on the Client in the Practice Manager list and then selecting Sync with Companies House on the left hand side menu.

How to sync company officers?

Company officers (Directors/Secretaries/PSCs) can now be created in TaxCalc using the data available on Companies House Public Register.

If an individual does not exist in TaxCalc, the Sync option in the wizard will default to ‘New Client’. You can change this to a New ClientNew Contact or an Existing Client/Contact by selecting the appropriate option from the drop-down menu.

Creating a new client/contact will require you to enter a unique client/contact code in the field provided before the client/contact can be synced with relevant information.

Please note: Officer’s date of birth is not held on Companies House Public Register therefore the day field under the Companies House data will be left blank. Users will be required to manually populate the date of birth for the officer before syncing the data for completeness.

The service address for an officer can be saved using the Sync options, if an address does not exist in TaxCalc, this can be synced as Current address. Alternatively, New/Existing address may be selected from the drop down menu.

Article ID: 2764
Last updated: 04 Apr, 2023
Revision: 8
Views: 2359
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