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How do I synchronize my system date and time to use authentication applications

With the recent introduction of additional layers of security, 2 factor authentication (2FA) can now be enabled for access to TaxCalc. 

Due to the way the code is generated the time and date on the machine accessing TaxCalc and the time and date on the device providing authentication need to be synchronized. 

A difference of 30 seconds or more will result in the generated code not being accepted by TaxCalc.

Follow these steps to ensure your system is correctly synchronized.

Click on your Windows logo and select Settings > Date & Time.
Under Synchronize your clock select Sync now.
If this option is not available contact your IT team / Systems Administrator to make the required changes.

From the Apple menu, select System Preferences
Click Date & Time
Click the Lock icon
Enable the option to Set date and time automatically 
Close the Lock icon to save your changes.

Log in as root
Run the ntpdate -u <ntpserver> command to update the machine clock.
Open the configuration file located in /etc/ntp.conf  and add the NTP server
server ntp-time.for.mydomain if not present.
Run the service ntpd start command to start the NTP service and implement all configuration changes.

If using an authentication app on your phone, follow these steps to synchronize your phone before generating a new authorisation code.

From the Home screen, navigate to settings.
Select General Management or System & Updates, 
Select Date & Time
Ensure the option to Set Automatically is enabled. 

Go to Settings > General > Date & Time
Ensure the option to Set Automatically is enabled. 

From the Home screen, navigate to settings.
Select Date & Time
Select Automatic