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Error message when restoring database: Please close other [n] connections to DB (hub) and try again

If you receive this error message when restoring a database, it means that the program is unable to close all the active connections to the database.

RSTORE ERROR   Please close other (n) connections to DB (hub) and try again

First, make sure that no other users are logged into TaxCalc and try to restore the database again.

If this doesn't work, follow these steps to restart PostgreSQL (TaxCalc database engine) and restore the database:

  1. Close TaxCalc.
  2. At the TaxCalc server go to START > Run (or Search depending on your operating system) and type services.msc.
  3. Press <return> or click OK.
  4. Once the Services window opens, scroll down to the PostgreSQL service and select it.
  5. Click Restart on the left-hand side of the  window.


  1. Once the service has restarted, open TaxCalc and restore the database.

IMPORTANT: If there is more than one PostgreSQL service, check with your IT staff or TaxCalc support so that you restart the correct one.