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When I try to log in, it states the user is already logged in (Practice users)

The user can receive the following message when they log in to a networked version of TaxCalc

User Already Logged In

PLEASE NOTE that this user already appears to be logged in. 
This could be a result of a network error, power failure or similar. 
If so, you can continue to log in, however, if you are logged in on another machine or profile, this could result in a loss of any unsaved work. 

For more information about this error see our FAQ article here.

This message will appear when the database holds a record saying that the relevant user is logged in.

To continue simply click Login, the old login will be cleared and a new login record created. Any unsaved changes made by the old login will not be committed to the database.

Why do these messages occur?

These errors will normally be seen for the following reasons.

  • The Computer that was using TaxCalc was forcibly shutdown without exiting TaxCalc cleanly
  • The Computer using TaxCalc lost its connection to the server and the user clicked cancel when the database connection error was shown.
  • The Server lost its connection to the network and the TaxCalc sessions on any active workstations were closed
  • There was a power failure, with the server and/or workstations shutting down without warning.
  • The TaxCalc process was forcibly closed from Windows Task Manager.

Logging in again will not cause any problems but TaxCalc recommend that you speak to your IT supplier if you are experiencing repeated drops of connectivity on your network.