How to Use Jobs to Automatically Create the Next VAT Period for VAT Returns

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Last updated: 07 May, 2024

For clients who are enrolled for MTD, it is expected that a user should manually fetch their first VAT period (or create a manual period that matches HMRCs period), create a job or standalone task, and link the period.

Then on recurrence of the job/task all subsequent periods are auto-created (providing the job/task has recurrence set and also has task automation to auto create next period).  

At the moment, when a user has the Enrolled for MTD tick box selected on their client record then the next period isn’t getting auto-created as expected.

Workaround: Untick the ‘Enrolled for MTD’ tick box on the client record and save. The auto-create will then work as expected.

This issue will be addressed in the Summer 2024 release, so once this version is installed, you will no longer need to use this workaround and jobs will recur and the next period will be automatically created as expected.

Article ID: 3373
Last updated: 07 May, 2024
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