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When an eSign envelope is sent, how do I view all documents within Signable on a mobile phone

Article ID: 3295
Last updated: 07 Mar, 2023

When an eSign envelope is sent from TaxCalc, your client will be prompted for signing via email (using the email address specified within the Recipients page). Please note that your clients will receive this based on the Signing Order also configured within the envelope.  

The email your client will receive will have a blue link, similar to the below, which you will need to click on to open and view the documents. 

Worked example:

 When clicked on, it will open up an external window (WELCOME TO SIGNABLE!)

Click "Continue to document". It will come up with the first document that has been attached within the eSign envelope.

If you want to view the next attachment you will need to click the 3 lines (top left) and then the left arrow and select the attachment.

Please note that when you open the document, you will see at the bottom of the page (Next: Sign here). If you click on this it will automatically take you to the first document that has a Signature / Date field attached. 

You will have to sign all the documents in the specified location(s) before you can submit it. 

Once everything has been signed and submitted by all parties with in the envelope, you will receive a further email providing the access to the signed documents (either by attachment or another link to download the files).

Article ID: 3295
Last updated: 07 Mar, 2023
Revision: 2
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