Why can’t I see the Firm (Office) email address within the From field?

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Last updated: 29 Mar, 2023

If you are unable to find the Firm email address in the From field within Send Message, it could be for the following reasons:

  • It hasn’t been created
  • It hasn’t been validated
  • The user hasn’t been granted access
  1. Go to Communications Summary and click Firm emails.
  2. Click Not Verified/Users to review the configuration.
  3. If the email account hasn't been verified then click Edit and make sure all details are correct, then select Email Passcode.
  4. If verified then check your access by selecting Manage Users.

For more information on Communications Centre, please see KB3199 Communications Centre: Collateral.

Article ID: 3205
Last updated: 29 Mar, 2023
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