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How to Set Up Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Article ID: 3187
Last updated: 22 Sep, 2021

TaxCalc offers you the ability to log in using an extra layer of security by using two-factor authentication. In order to use two-factor authentication, you will need to use an authentication application if you don’t have one already, to provide the second factor of the authentication. See KB3189 - Authentication Applications and How to Use Them for details on how to do this.

More information on how the functionality works can be found in our video below.

You should only need to enter the PIN to log in once every 30 days on each device that you use.
  1. To enable Two-factor Authentication for your users to increase security when logging into TaxCalc, go to Admin Centre→Users→Edit User→About the User and select Enable 2FA.

  1. The Users screen shows a column called Two-factor Enabled so that the Admin user can see who has 2FA enabled and who hasn’t.

  1. Still within Admin Centre, the Admin User can select Bulk Update 2FA to enable Two-factor Authentication for all users. You can also turn off Two-factor Authentication for all users here too.

  1. Once Two-factor Authentication is enabled, you can log into TaxCalc.

  1. After clicking Login, the following screen is displayed. You will then need to either open your authentication app on your phone and scan the QR code, or if you're using a desktop authentication app, select Copy Code from the TaxCalc login screen then paste the code into your desktop authentication app.

  1. The authentication app then gives you a 6 digit code which you will need to enter here. Then TaxCalc will open.

Please note: The authentication codes change every 30 seconds. If the code does not work, check that is hasn't just changed in the authentication app. Simply try again with the new code if it has.

Please also note that you should only need to enter the PIN to log in once every 30 days on each device that you use.

Using Two-Factor Authentication with Xero

If you are using Xero it is now mandatory to enable Two-factor Authentication.

  1. If you have not enabled it in Admin Centre, when you go to Accounts Production→Import Trial Balance and select Xero, the following NOTE is displayed:

  1. Click Enable 2FA. Then click Cancel, close Accounts Production and log out of TaxCalc and log back in following steps 4 to 6 above.

Enabling Two-Factor Authentication by Default for New Users

You can enable 2FA by default whenever you create a new user.

  1. From Admin CentreApplicationsCustomise Practice ManagerLogin Password Setup screen you can set Enable 2FA by default for new users.

Switching TaxCalc databases

Please note: If you switch databases to connect to a different TaxCalc database, when you switch back to a database that has 2FA enabled you will need to re-authorise using the original authenticator. If this is no longer available please follow the details in KB-3188 - How to reset the Two-Factor Authentication Details.

Article ID: 3187
Last updated: 22 Sep, 2021
Revision: 18
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