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Last updated: 27 Jun, 2024

Work Management in Practice Manager is where you can view, edit and update Jobs and tasks for all clients.

You can re-arrange the order of the columns by dragging and dropping the column headings. By clicking on the Filter box, you can change the default filter selections. Currently the default dates for displaying work is ‘Due in 90 Days’ and completed tasks and jobs do not display until you tick the box ‘Show jobs or tasks that have been completed’. Any filters set in the Work Management filter panel are retained between logout/login for the individual user machine.

Editing Jobs and Tasks
From the Work Management menu, you can select to Edit Jobs and Tasks (after highlighting the one for editing) and apply a new Job Template to an existing client Job if required. You can also update existing Jobs as well as any associated Tasks. For Jobs that have templates attached, only the instance being edited will be changed. When editing Tasks, you will be given the option to change only the selected Task or all instances.

Duplicating Jobs and Tasks
Any Task or Job can be duplicated and then edited for another use. This could be useful if you have ad-hoc Jobs with custom dates that only apply to a few clients, so rather than create a new Job for each client, you can duplicate an existing one and change the client selected.

Bulk Update
You can update your Jobs and Tasks in bulk by using the Bulk Edit Wizard. From here you are able to update the status of a Job or Task, reassign Jobs or Tasks and change the Work Item Status on a Job. You can also add Notes. Once you have ticked the Jobs and tasks you want to update, the Bulk Update option becomes available.

Open Work Item
This option becomes available once a Job or Task attached to a Work item is selected and is a quick option to opening the work being completed in TaxCalc.

As the Jobs or Tasks progress, Notes can be added to ensure all relevant information is captured, such as conversations with the client or meeting notes. 

View History
The Activity tab displays the date and time the Job or Task was amended, who it was changed by, and what was changed. The Notes tab displays any Notes added to the Job or Task.

Jobs - Depending on your permissions in the Admin Centre, you can delete Jobs. However, please note that all associated Tasks are also deleted.
Templates - Depending on your permissions, you can delete a Job Template. However, you can't delete the predefined TaxCalc Job Templates or a Job Template that has been activated on a client.
Tasks – Also dependant upon permissions, Tasks can be deleted.


Article ID: 3114
Last updated: 27 Jun, 2024
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