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How to import a TaxCalc Audit Trail following a Merge of data

Article ID: 3110
Last updated: 07 Jun, 2021

Accounts are not included in a Merge of data as this information cannot yet be transferred into the Primary database.

We will provide a bulk export of all accounts from the secondary database in .CSV format. These can be imported into TaxCalc via the import wizard. These can be imported all at once or you can choose to only import the accounting periods when the client is being worked on. 

Client codes and the accounting period dates are detailed within the _TBexportPeriodBreakdown.CSV. 

Then to import the Audit trail which contains all postings from the period follow these steps;

  1. Open the client in Accounts Production.
  2. Create the oldest Accounting period first.
  3. Open this period.
  4. Go to Posting and select Import Trial Balance.
  5. Click on Continue if it appears.
  6. Select Import via CSV File.
  7. Click on Continue.
  8. Browse to the Audit Trail CSV file to be imported.
  9. Select Use an existing map.
  10. Click on Continue.
  11. Select TaxCalc Audit Trail export (which appears by default).
  12. Click on Continue until you finish the import process.
  13. Repeat steps 2 to 12 until all batches and/ or Accounting Periods for the client have been imported.

Article ID: 3110
Last updated: 07 Jun, 2021
Revision: 4
Views: 177
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