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What is a Task?

Article ID: 2992
Last updated: 04 Apr, 2023

Tasks are available to set up in Practice Manager and Practice Manager Plus (and are now referred to as Stand Alone Tasks) A Task is a work item process. For example, if you're running a Tax Return Job, each process involved is classified as a Task:

  • Task 1 - Request Tax Return Information from Client.
  • Task 2 - Records Received.
  • Task 3 - Prepare Tax Return.
  • Task 4 - Review Tax Return.
  • Task 5 - Sent to Client for Approval.
  • Task 6 - Signed Tax Return Received.
  • Task 7 - File Tax Return to HMRC.
  • Task 8 - Final Contact with Client.

Each Task can be setup to automatically run when the previous Task has been completed. So once the Records are received, the next Task, Prepare Tax Return, automatically starts.

To collate a set of Tasks for one piece of work, such as the whole process for producing a tax return, in Practice Manager Plus you have the ability to create Jobs.

For more information on setting up Tasks, see How to setup a Task.

For more information on automating Tasks, see Job Template Task Actions

Article ID: 2992
Last updated: 04 Apr, 2023
Revision: 3
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