How to setup a Task

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Last updated: 04 Apr, 2023

You can create a Task and specify the client and any work association required, as well as the date information, for example, dates, reminders and recurrence.

  1. From the Work Management menu in Practice Manager, select Create.
  2. The Create a Task or Job dialog is displayed.
  3. Select Create Task.
  4. The Create New Task Wizard dialog is displayed.
  5. From the About the Task tab, select a Activity Type, for example, Annual Accounts, Tax Return, VAT Return, etc.
  6. Enter a Task name.
  7. Enter a Description.
  8. Select who the Task is Assigned to. Either accept the default of Me or select a specific TaxCalc user.
  9. Select a Task status, for example is the Task Planned or In Progress.
  10. Enter the date the Task is Due by if required.
  11. Enter the date the Task must Start from if required.
  12. Click Continue.
  13. You can also set reminders so that important deadlines are not missed. Select Set reminder for due date if required and set how long before the Task is due you want to be reminded, for example, 1 Week before Task is due.
  14. You can also set a reminder to start the Task by selecting Set reminder for start date and then set how long before the Task start date you want to be reminded, for example, 1 Day before Task start date is due.
  15. Click Continue.
  16. If you are going to be using this task more than once, you can set it to recur. For example, if you are creating a meeting request task that occurs every month, select Yes to Do you want this task to recur? and specify the Frequency as Monthly.
  17. You can even specify how many times you want the Task to recur by selecting the Number of instances.
  18. Click Continue.
  19. Click Yes if you want to associate this Task with a client or contact.
  20. Select the client or contact.
  21. Click Continue.
  22. From the Work Association tab you can set your Task to be associated with a work item.
  23. Select Yes if you want to associate this Task with a work item.
  24. Choose the work item to associate with this Task, for example, Tax Return.
  25. Click Continue.
  26. From the Service tab you can link the task to the relevant services that have already been activated for the selected client.
  27. Select a Service.
  28. Select a Fee Basis from the dropdown list.
  29. Enter an Expected Fee (£).
  30. From the Summary tab review your Task settings and click Finish when you are satisfied with the Task setup.
Article ID: 2985
Last updated: 04 Apr, 2023
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