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Accounts Production appears to freeze after updating to Version 9 of TaxCalc

Article ID: 2900
Last updated: 31 May, 2019

After updating to Version 9 or later of TaxCalc some users may experience the application freezing when attempting to open batches or notes within the Accounts Production module. This issue will usually occur when a TaxCalc user accesses the program from different computers that have a mix of single and multiple monitor setups. Currently TaxCalc will refer back to the last known monitor setup. Therefore to remove this last saved setup a registry edit will be required. 

Please note: These registry keys will be recreated when the TaxCalc program is restarted.

This should only affect customers running Windows and these steps can be repeated if the issue reoccurs. If you frequently work from different computers with a differing number of monitors to prevent this issue from reoccurring, ensure the notes and posting batch windows are on the primary monitor before closing TaxCalc. This article will offer 2 different methods for providing a resolution. We recommend opting for Option 1. 

Before running these batch files please ensure that TaxCalc is closed down. To force close the program please right click your bottom toolbar and select Task Manager. TaxCalc should be shown in your apps list, highlight the TaxCalc application and select End task.

Option 1: Automatic edit of the registry.

  1. Download the Batch_Correction zip file
  2. Extract the two files from the download and place the files on your desktop. 
  3. Run the attached batch file BACKUP-reg.bat and select Yes when prompted.
  4. Open windows explorer by pressing the windows key and 'E'   (  + E)
  5. Navigate to C:\ TaxCalcHub this folder should now contain a backup file named TCRKbkp.
  6. If present, leave in place and continue onto step 5. If this file is not present please contact TaxCalc support for further assistance.
  7. Run the batch file AMEND-reg
  8. Re-open TaxCalc and attempt to open the information in Accounts Production

This has now resolved your issue, please open Accounts Production and attempt to continue working. 

Option 2: Manual edit of the registry.

  1. Click on your Windows logo () and type Regedit and select to open.
  2. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Acorah Software Products\TaxCalcHub.
  3. Right click the TaxCalcHub folder and select Export.
  4. This is regarded as a backup of your registry so please name appropriately and save the file into your C:\TaxCalcHub folder or another safe location.
  5. Within the same registry window right click and delete the following keys located in the right hand panel.
    • ap-notes-geometry
    • posting-batch-geometry
  6. Close the registry window
  7. Re-open TaxCalc and attempt to open the information in Accounts Production

This has now resolved your issue, please open Accounts Production and attempt to continue working. 

Article ID: 2900
Last updated: 31 May, 2019
Revision: 5
Views: 222
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