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E-Sign (Getting Started)

Article ID: 2875
Last updated: 23 Nov, 2018

Pre Requisites

This guide will assume the following:

  1. The client has been created
  2. The relationships table is up to date (excludes individual clients).
  3. An item of work is ready to be sent for approval.

Opening the Envelope

  • Launch eSign Centre.
  • Select the Create New Envelope option from the left hand menu.

Envelope Details

  • Give the new envelope a name. This name does not have to be unique.
  • Optional – Give the envelope a description to say what the envelope is going to contain.


Select an action for the recipients displayed in the table from one of the following options:

  • Do not send – This recipient will not receive the envelope to sign.
  • Signer – This will allow the recipient to sign the attached document(s).
  • Watcher – This will enable the recipients to receive the contents of the completed envelope. They will receive a copy once all signers have signed.

You can edit the email addresses listed for any recipient. Only email addresses that have been set to default will be displayed in the recipients table, any changes made in the envelope will be reflected in the Client Record.

To set an auto reminder, select one of the options in the Reminder Options drop down box:

  • Send reminder after 24 hours
  • Send reminder after 7 days
  • Send reminder after specific time – Enter an amount of time in the boxes below Reminder Options

Signing Order

If there is only one signer, go to the next page (Apply Email Template).

If there is more than one signer in the envelope:

  • Select a Recipient in the Signers table.
  • Use the Move Up or Move Down buttons on the right hand side of the page to change the order. The signer at the top of the table will receive the envelope first.

Apply Email Template

To use an existing template, select a template from the “Using Template” combo box.

  • Edit the message in the white text field if required.

Document Management

  • Select the Add button to open the Add Document Dialog.
  • Select the application area you will like to attach a document from.
  • Select the Type of work in the next combo box. This will change depending on the option selected in the Application combo box.
  • Select the period the work is for.
  • A document name will be automatically generated for you but you can enter a different name.
  • Click Attach and the document will be added to the envelope.

Note: The document will take the current Print Preference settings into accounts when generating the preview.

Document Preview

For each signer set in the Recipients table:

  • Drag and drop the Signature or Date field(s) onto the document preview exactly where you would like the recipient to sign or date.

Note: You may need to expand a menu to find additional signing tags if there is more than one signer.

Check and Finish

  • Clear any validations that might appear.
  • If there are not validations to clear, the envelope is ready to send.
  • Select Send Envelope and it will be sent to the first recipient.

We would recommend checking the email addresses for recipients on the check and finish screen before sending the envelope.

Article ID: 2875
Last updated: 23 Nov, 2018
Revision: 2
Views: 267
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