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Keeping your account details up to date

Article ID: 2696
Last updated: 23 Oct, 2019

It is important that your account details are kept up to date. These details are used to determine and verify the identity of your call. Without the correct or up to date contact details we cannot handle your call as efficiently as possible. Incorrect details can also cause issues administrating and licensing the software. TaxCalc contact details can only be changed by the principal contact or those in an organisation that have been given the TaxCalc website login credentials.

PLEASE NOTE: For security reasons, TaxCalc are unable to change your contact details on your behalf.

Website/Account login

Your website login username will be your registered email address. For security reasons it is important that this email address will remain accessible by the principal user/business owner. If access is not available, then you may be unable to set or reset some aspects of your account. This can result in issues accessing, upgrading and licensing your software.

How to reset the TaxCalc website password

How do I reset the Hub admin password in TaxCalc

Incorrect customer account details - TaxCalc could not recognise...

Phone numbers and addresses

Up to date phone numbers and addresses (including postcodes) are also important, as they are often used to identify an individual or practice.

To update your account details

  1. Open our website.
  2. Click on the Login box at the top right of the screen and enter your account credentials.
  3. Once logged in, go to Edit My Details.
  4. Change any details as required.
  5. Scroll to the bottom and click Save Changes.

IMPORTANT: In a small number of cases there may be no salutation against the principal contacts name. If this is the case, the save will fail. Please add the salutation before saving if required.

Advanced Security (CloudConnect users)

Advanced Security allows a secondary set of licensing credentials to be created. This secondary set of credentials are not restricted to being an email address and can be used to access your account to only download and license the software. The setting up of security questions and two factor authorisation via a UK based Mobile phone makes it especially important that your account details are kept up to date. For more information about advanced security see the Knowledge Base article What is Advanced Security?

Article ID: 2696
Last updated: 23 Oct, 2019
Revision: 11
Views: 664
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