How to activate client restriction?

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Last updated: 09 Mar, 2023

It is possible to assign specific clients to specific users within the database by placing client restrictions. This will restrict a user from viewing certain client/s. This can be done in the user's settings.

  1. In order to set the client restriction, Launch Admin Centre > Users > Edit User > Client Restriction.
  2. Select if the user is to have access to All Clients or Specific Clients.
  3. Choosing the Specific Clients option enables you to add or remove any clients that this particular user cannot view or edit.

Adding Selected Clients to the list

The process to add selected clients for a user is as follows.

  1. Highlight a single or multiple clients in the left hand column then click the Add option.
  2. The names will be moved across to the right hand column - these will be the clients that only that user can view and edit.
  3. When you have added the clients, click the Continue button.
  4. Alternatively you can add all clients then remove those you don't wish the user to see.

It is also possible to assign a user to a specific portfolio group within Practice Manager. This can be done by going to Practice Manager > Select a client > Edit Existing Client > Engagement. If you need help creating a portfolio group see How do I create a client portfolio?

Please note: By default, all users will be able to see all clients in the database. Users that have restricted access will only be able to see the clients that have been assigned to them. Other clients will be hidden and not show on the Practice Manager screen for that user. The settings through the Administration section can be changed at any time by the admin user in the system. There is no limit to adding client restrictions within the database for existing users.

Article ID: 2594
Last updated: 09 Mar, 2023
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