How do I create a new client?

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Last updated: 14 Feb, 2023

Before you are able to start working on a client within Tax, Accounts or VAT, you will need to create the client in Practice Manager to store the details against. This is because the work completed will need to be stored against a client in the database. In order to set up a new client, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Go into Practice Manager.
  2. Expand Client/Contact (if applicable).
  3. Create Client/Contact.
  4. Select the type of client/contact.
  5. Select Next.

Client Quick Setup:

Enter the mandatory information required to setup a client and then proceed with completing the information within the tax return, accounts or VAT return.

Alternatively, select Search Companies House to import company information from Companies House.

  1. Complete the Client code, name and company type (if applicable).
  2. Click on Finish to complete the basic setup and start working on the client.

Finish and Open

Selecting ‘Finish and Open’ will create the client and open up Client Summary page allowing users to enter all of the information before starting to complete any other work.

  1. Select Continue to work your way through the different screens and complete as much information as possible.

When you come to the end, click on Finish and Save.

The client will now appear in your list to start working on.

You can also import your clients using the Import Client option in Practice Manager.

Click Import Client to display the Import Client Wizard.

Select Import from CSV and click Continue.

If you don't have a CSV file, select the option Create CSV and save the file in the appropriate location.

Add your client information to the import file in the given format.

If you have any custom fields, insert a column and add the column heading as the custom field label you've created in Admin Centre. Then enter the corresponding data in the correct format.

Once complete, Save and close the file.

Then back in Practice Manager, select Import Client to open the Import Client Wizard.

Select Import from CSV and click Continue.

Now select Browse to Select CSV file to Import.

Locate and select your CSV file and click Continue.

The Import Summary will advise whether the data is correct or not.

When you are happy with the data to import, click Finish.

Now your client data will be available in Practice Manager.

Article ID: 2569
Last updated: 14 Feb, 2023
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