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How often do I need to purchase TaxCalc?

Article ID: 2537
Last updated: 23 Apr, 2018

Individual Users

When purchasing the software, you purchase a perpetual licence. This means that the licence is never ending and you buy each licence for individual tax years at a time. Therefore if you require 2 different tax years, 2 purchases will be required. E.g. Individual 6 for 2016 and 2017 are separate products both available for £25+ VAT each. 

Individual products are available to pre-order from March in readiness for the release in April.

Practice Users

When purchasing the modules required from TaxCalc, the licenses run on a 12 month basis starting from the day of purchase. Your renewal dates can be found by logging into our website with your account credentials and going to the My Products and Services page (Shown Below).

When purchasing different products under the same module, they must co-terminate meaning that the start and end date need to be the same. E.g. the screenshot above shows Individual and Partnership unlimited and Corporation tax unlimited, these products must expire on the same date as the licensing platform doesn't cater for adding a product for a separate 12 month period. If you are intending on purchasing an additional product part way through your licence, please see our Knowledge Base article for How do I upgrade my TaxCalc practice software? which explains how this works.

Other Products such as Accounts Production, VAT Filer and Company Secretarial may be on a separate renewal period to Tax Return production if you have purchased them on different dates.

You can renew your TaxCalc products by:

1. Logging in and renewing through our website.

2. Giving our Sales team a call on 0345 5190 883.

Article ID: 2537
Last updated: 23 Apr, 2018
Revision: 5
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