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TaxCalc practice software Competitor Data Migration service

Article ID: 2437
Last updated: 14 Feb, 2023

The TaxCalc Competitor Data Migration service is provided to help get your TaxCalc practice software up and running as smoothly as possible.

Each conversion will be individually discussed with you by our team to confirm what we can bring over from your current provider. We will be connecting to your system securely and remotely to start the conversion process. Once purchased, we will arrange the earliest mutually convenient date.

When you take up this service, we will make all reasonable efforts to get your client data across as swiftly and comprehensively as we can. It is important that the limitations of the process are understood before you decide if the service meets your needs.

  1. It is not usually possible to migrate 100% of client data from a legacy system to TaxCalc. We have invested in routines to bring across the majority of information from a range of systems. Some fields cannot be exported from legacy systems or do not have a direct equivalent in TaxCalc. Ask, and we are happy to provide a full list of the fields we expect to be able to migrate from your current system.
  2. In some rare instances, we may not be able to run the data migration process at all. This may occur if the original system is configured in a non-standard way. Alternatively, if a release has recently been made by the supplier of the legacy package which alters the structure or export of the data. In these cases, we will endeavour to adapt our routine to work around such hurdles. If this is the case, we cannot guarantee a timescale around any changes needed and an alternative approach may be considered.
  3. Some conversions take longer to prepare and review than others. We may need remote access to your legacy system for some or all of this period. You will not usually need to remain involved yourself, we will keep you posted on our progress.
  4. We provide you a review file so that you can see the information we would be looking to bring across. This also gives the opportunity to remove any old records you no longer require and we can look at ways to assist identifying these.

To find out more about our data conversion service please contact or call us on 0345 5190 883 where we can discuss your requirements in more detail.

Article ID: 2437
Last updated: 14 Feb, 2023
Revision: 4
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