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Can I email my clients directly through Mail Merge?

Article ID: 2369
Last updated: 23 Oct, 2019

You can't email your clients directly through Mail Merge. But if you use Outlook you can create an email document in Mail Merge and send it via Word.

This will take a few minute to setup, but the template and shortcut will make the process much quicker for future use.

First, create the document in Mail Merge:

  1. Go to Practice Manager from the home screen.
  2. Select Mail Merge from the left-hand menu.
  3. Select Create New Mail Merge.
  4. Enter Mail Merge Information (Name and Description)
  5. Select Client Selection
  6. Click on Specific clients.
  7. Click on the client(s) you want to email and click on Add >>.
  8. Select Template Selection from the left-hand menu.
  9. Click on the template you want to use and click on Use Template
  10. This will open the Word document.
  11. Click on Finish and Merge in the top right (depending on your version of Word). 

Now set up a shortcut in your top menu to turn the Word document into an email format:

  1. Open Word Options:
    • Word 2007 – click on the Office logo at the left top then Word Options > Customize. 
    • Word 2010 and Word 2013 – go to File > Options > Quick Access Toolbar.
  2. Select Commands Not in the Ribbon from the Choose command from: drop-down list.
  3. Select Send to Mail Recipient and click on Add >>.
  4. Click on OK.

The command will now show up in the Quick Access Toolbar at the top of your Word window:

You'll then need to attach the PDF file as normal. 

Article ID: 2369
Last updated: 23 Oct, 2019
Revision: 9
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