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How to use Services in Practice Manager

Article ID: 2331
Last updated: 15 Feb, 2023

You can use TaxCalc to help you keep track of the services that you offer to your clients, as well as the usual fees charged to them.

The services you offer as a practice generally can be created in Services Offered in Admin Centre and you can specify which of these will be taken up by clients in Services Rendered within the client record in Practice Manager.

Adding, editing or deleting your firm's services

TaxCalc provides several default Services Offered, but you can change these by deleting, editing or adding your own.

  1. Select Admin Centre from the home screen.
  2. Click on Applications on the left-hand side.
  3. Click on Practice Manager.
  4. Click on Customise Practice Manager on the left-hand side.
  5. Navigate to Services Offered on the left of the customisation screen for Practice Manager.
  6. Add service, Edit and Remove any service that you want to offer to clients.

Adding services to a client record

Once a client has instructed you to provide a particular service, you can add it as a Service Rendered within the client record:

  1. Right-click on the client in Practice Manager.
  2. Select Edit Client / Contact.
  3. Click on Services Rendered from the left-hand menu 
  4. Now click on Manage Services on the right-hand side of the screen – this will open the window where you can add any relevant services that the client has engaged you in.
  5. Enter a usual fee chargeable for this service if required.
  6. Enter the details and click Save.

Additional workflow functionality for Practice Manager Plus

Within Services Rendered in the client record, you are able to add a default Job Template to provide a structured workflow for providing the service. This will then appear as the default template when you next Create a Job for the client. In addition a Fee basis, Expected fee and Initial WIP can be added for reporting purposes.

If you would like to add a particular service (with or without a default Job Template attached) to a selection of clients, you can use the Bulk Service Wizard located within Services Offered.

You can now Activate the Job Template for the selected clients instantly within this wizard. If you select to Activate Job here, the jobs and associated tasks will be created automatically for each client selected. Alternatively, you can choose to activate the templates later for individual clients in Active Work within the client record in Practice Manager by selecting Activate.

Article ID: 2331
Last updated: 15 Feb, 2023
Revision: 12
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