How to create a Job Template
For Jobs that are regular in nature and workflow despite being for different clients, such as producing accounts, you can create and apply a Job Template which can be used to auto-populate certain selections for the Job and related Tasks. We have provided some default templates for Annual...
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WorkFlow: Collateral
WorkFlow provides additional functionality to Practice Manager including advanced workflow and work management, dashboards and multiple offices. Within these three key areas of functionality there is plenty of flexibility to cater for the differing requirements in every practice. We have...
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How to use Services in Practice Manager
You can use TaxCalc to help you keep track of the services that you offer to your clients, as well as the usual fees charged to them. The services you offer as a practice generally can be created in Services Offered in Admin Centre and you can specify which of these will be taken up by clients...
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How to create a Job
You can create a Job for ad hoc work without using a template. This will be useful for a collection of tasks where the workflow is specific to that Job only. For Jobs that are regular in nature and workflow, such as accounts and tax, you will probably want to create and apply a template that can...
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Using the Bulk Service wizard in WorkFlow
Using the Bulk Service Wizard If you would like to add a particular service (with or without a default Job Template attached) to a selection of clients, you can use the Bulk Service Wizard which is located in several places, depending on how and where you are creating your Jobs. You can...
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Managing Workflow
Work Management in Practice Manager is where you can view, edit and update Jobs and tasks for all clients. You can re-arrange the order of the columns by dragging and dropping the column headings. By clicking on the Filter box, you can change the default filter selections. Currently the default...
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Deactivating an Existing Task
If you are already using Tasks in Practice Manager to manage your work, but have purchased our enhanced Practice Manager product, WorkFlow, to take advantage of our new Job Template functionality, simply follow the Getting Started with WorkFlow guide to create your Job Templates, allocate to your...
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What is a Task?
Tasks are available to set up in Practice Manager and WorkFlow (and are now referred to as Stand Alone Tasks) A Task is a work item process. For example, if you're running a Tax Return Job, each process involved is classified as a Task: Task 1 - Request Tax Return Information from Client. ...
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WorkFlow Licences
To get started with WorkFlow, one user licence is included with your initial purchase, plus a Hub Administrator licence. Your Administrator is automatically assigned the Hub Administrator licence, however, you will need to assign a WorkFlow licence to all other users that require access. The...
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Using Teams in WorkFlow
If you have a WorkFlow or Time licence you can create Teams to group together TaxCalc users within your firm. You can also add different tiers to create hierarchies depending on your requirements. This is particularly useful when assigning Jobs or Tasks meaning a group of users can have...
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Self Assessment using WorkFlow
Using WorkFlow allows you to create Jobs and Tasks to complete your Tax Returns efficiently, making sure you meet any statutory deadlines. Please see our video below on how Jobs and Tasks can help with Self Assessments for your practice:
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Bulk Creating Work for Tax Returns and Annual Accounts
Using the Bulk Service Wizard means you can allocate and update existing services with specific fees and job templates. You can also activate jobs and create work for your clients in bulk for Self Assessment Tax Returns, Corporation Tax Returns and Annual Accounts. Bulk Creating Work: ...
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Can I delete a Job Template?
Depending on your permissions, you can delete a Job Template. However, you can't delete the predefined TaxCalc Job Templates or a Job Template that has been activated on a client. To delete a Job Template: Open the Admin Centre. Select Applications. From the Application table, select...
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Creating a Checklist in WorkFlow
You can now create checklists within our Jobs if you have a WorkFlow licence. Simply create a new Job and on the Tasks tab select ‘Checklist mode’ on the top toggle. Checklists are also available within Job Templates in Admin Centre, so you can easily use them as templates for your...
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Tips and Tricks Home Page
Communications Centre These articles provide you with tips and tricks you can use within Communications Centre. Using Custom Field Tokens in Communications Centre Request Records Reminders Communications Summary Widget Counters and Statuses Communications Centre...
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