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Request Records Reminders
As well as being able to automate the process of requesting records, you can also automate sending optional reminders for specific contacts generating a message within the Pending Messages queue waiting for you to review and send. To activate the reminders automation, go to Admin Centre >...
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How can I make sure that the token I have selected will give me the correct information from my clients?
Within the Send Message screen/dialog the default view is ‘Create message’. To preview the results of a client specific Token that has been added to the message content: Make sure one or more recipients have been added within the To field (using Choose mailing list/Choose recipients) ...
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Communications Centre – Switch your existing Microsoft Accounts to the new provider type
If you have already set up any Microsoft mailboxes (Office365, Outlook, Hotmail, Live, etc) within Communications Centre, you may need to take action to continue to use them. The Office 365 or Outlook provider types have been re-named in TaxCalc Hub to Office 365 (legacy) and Outlook (legacy) and...
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Can I attach a TaxCalc document such as a set of Accounts or Tax return to an Email I am sending to my client from within Communications Centre?
Yes. Although we strongly recommend that when sending TaxCalc documents to your clients you use Document Manager and eSign Centre where possible. However, should you wish to send a TaxCalc document as an attachment to an Email you will need to generate the document and save externally. Once...
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Can I create a Mailing List to show me all clients that have had a payment on account?
Yes, you can. To do this: Launch Communications Centre and select Mailing Lists. Click Create mailing list. Enter a Name and Description. Select Advanced client selection (Data Mine) > Data Mine > Add Condition. Search for ‘Has payments on account’. Select the condition from the...
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How do I edit a default Email template?
It is not possible to edit a default template. However, the content can be copied on to a new template which can then be edited. Within Communications Centre select Email Templates, select a default Template and click the link under the name Column. From the View message template...
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File size limits for attachments when sending an email in Communications Centre
In Communications Centre if you receive the message 'You have reached the email file size limit for the email provider. Please attach a smaller size document', check the size of the file(s) you're sending. The limits are different depending on the service provider you use. Service...
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Setting up a mailbox for other email providers
Please Note: If you are setting up a Gmail or Microsoft email account (Office 365, Outlook, Hotmail, Live and so on) you should read the specific Knowledge Base article for your email provider: Link to main email providers KB article TaxCalc connects to your mailbox using Simple Mail Transfer...
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Set up Mailboxes for Communications Centre
TaxCalc’s Communications Centre allows you to add and authorise your own mailbox system(s) within the TaxCalc Admin module and then use those mailboxes to generate and send emails from within TaxCalc. Adding your own Mailbox(es) into TaxCalc, as well as the means of sending emails, can differ...
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Can I send an Email from Communications Centre to an email address not associated with a client?
Yes, Communications centre allows you to manually enter the email address if required, separating multiple recipients with a semicolon. Please note: Where an email address is manually entered the activity will not be logged within the Client Communications Activity on the client record. Only...
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How do I create an email template?
1. Within Communications Centre, select Email Templates. 2. Click Create Template to open the Create Message Template dialog. 3. Enter the template Name as well as the message Subject. 4. Now type the content of your message. Hint: If you are copying and pasting from another...
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Using Custom Field Tokens in Communications Centre
Within Email Templates or Send Email, you can select the custom fields you have created within Admin Centre to populate in the client email. Simply select the options from the Token dropdown list to auto populate your email content with the custom field information.
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Can I turn on automation for all clients at the same time?
Yes, the option to bulk activate automation must be selected when activating any automation. Launch Admin Centre. Select Applications > Communications Centre > Customise Communications Centre. From the left-hand menu select Automated Message Settings. Select the relevant automation to...
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Why can’t I see my own email address within the From field?
If you are unable to find your email address in the From field within Send Message, it could be that it either hasn’t been created or hasn’t been validated: Go to Communications Summary. Find your name on the User emails widget and check the Status. Click the link...
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How do I populate an email with client information?
A token can be used to populate an email with client information. Tokens are available for client personal/business information and a selection of tax values. Within Send Message click in the message body. Click in the Search tokens field, a list of tokens is displayed. ...
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