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Communications Centre These articles provide you with tips and tricks you can use within Communications Centre. Using Custom Field Tokens in Communications Centre Request Records Reminders Communications Summary Widget Counters and Statuses Communications Centre...
rating 07 Dec, 2023 Views: 58
Setting Automatic Envelope Reminders
You can set an automatic reminder to be sent to any signing party for eSign envelopes. An ad hoc setting is available from within your envelope on the Recipients screen. The default setting can be customised in Admin Centre and be prepopulated for all envelopes. Go to Admin Centre >...
rating 04 Jul, 2023 Views: 56
Adding Any Relationship to an Envelope within eSign Centre
Within eSign Centre you can add any relationship to an envelope for document signing. From the Recipients screen, select Add/Manage Relationships. The Relationship Manager dialog is displayed. Here you can see all the relationships for the selected client, all of which can be added to an...
rating 04 Jul, 2023 Views: 39
Changing the Document Order in an Envelope
Once you've added all your documents to your eSign envelope, you can easily move the order if you so wish. Within the Manage Documents screen, simply drag and drop the documents moving them up or down depending on your order preference.
rating 04 Jul, 2023 Views: 26

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