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How do I make a claim for Enterprise Investment Scheme disposal relief?

You can make a claim for Enterprise Investment Scheme disposal relief in SimpleStep mode:

  1. Go to the Capital Gains section.
  2. Go to the Asset Details screen and enter the details.
  3. Tick the box Tick box if you are claiming Entrepreneur's Relief or any other reliefs or elections for this asset e.g. Private Residence Relief, EIS Deferral Relief, Roll over / Hold Over relief.
  4. Enter the amount of loss in the box EIS disposal relief – this box is for informational purposes only and will not decrease any gains/tax due at this point.
  5. Go to 2014–15 losses. Tick the box Do you wish to change the way in which losses are off-set?.
  6. Enter the amount of loss in the appropriate box, depending on how you want to allocate it.
  7. To offset the loss against previous years, enter the tax adjustment (tax due in previous years minus the loss)  in the box Working out your tax > Tax Adjustments > Adjustments to an earlier year, that decrease your tax.

HMRC Forms mode

  1. Go to the Capital Gains pages and complete the information on CG1 and CG2, filling in the totals as required.
  2. Go to the Check and Finish page and select Attach.
  3. Browse to where the pdf summary is saved and attach it.

For further assistance on EIS and Capital Gains Tax, read the HMRC helpsheet.

To make a claim for Enterprise Investment Deferral Relief please refer to our Knowledge Base article on: How do I make a claim for Enterprise Investment Scheme deferral relief?