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Reporting on Time - WIP Overview

Article ID: 3009
Last updated: 24 Oct, 2019

From the WIP Overview screen you can see any imported initial WIP, what clients you have logged time against, how much you expect to bill each client per service (either as a fixed fee or a charge out rate) and whether the client has been billed for the services offered. If you have added any expenses to the client, these are included here too.

You can also export the WIP data to MS Excel where you can then use this information to raise invoices and billing for your clients.

Import your Initial WIP:

  1. Launch Admin Centre and select ApplicationsàPractice ManageràServices Offered.
  2. Click Bulk Import Initial WIP and select the file that you would like to import data from.
  3. Click Continue, and select whether The first row contains column headings.
  4. Then decide which columns in your CSV file relate to the following fields:

· Client code

· Service

· Initial WIP

· What value denotes credit

  1. Click Continue to review the information you’re importing.
  2. If you’re happy with the data, click Continue then Finish to import.

Review the WIP:

  1. Launch Time and select WIP Overview.
  2. The following information is displayed:
  • Client/Service/Work
  • Time logged
  •  Value
  • Initial WIP
  • Ad hoc expenses
  • Total value
  • Fee basis
  • Expected fee
  • Billed.
  1. Double-click on a specific work row under any client service to see the detailed time logs and expenses that belong to the work. From here you can also review any Initial WIP associated with this type of work.
  2. Click Filter to filter the information by:
  • Specific Client
  • Work Type
  • Status
  • Specific Service
  • Activity Type
  • Billed options
  • Start date
  • End date.
  1. Click Print Report to print the filtered information.
  2. You also have the option to click Export Report to output the data to MS Word, MS Excel or CSV.
  3. If you select to export to MS Excel you can use this data to raise invoices and billing for your clients.
Article ID: 3009
Last updated: 24 Oct, 2019
Revision: 5
Views: 150
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