SA800 Partnership Return
Why aren't the IRmark and time stamp appearing when I print a tax return?
If the IRmark and time stamp are on the top of each page, and on the pdf preview but don't appear when you print your return, check your printer settings: Go to the heading Page Sizing & Handling. Click on Fit. Click on Fit to printable area or Shrink to fit (or similar). Print document. ...
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1046 - I am trying to file a partnership tax return (SA800) for myself or friends and family
The best course of action is to attempt the below to verify your account setup and the UTR required for the submission. Step 1: Are you able to successfully log in to the HMRC government gateway portal? TaxCalc has the ability to import the entries for the HMRC User ID and password (if imported...
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Why is the loss figure on my return shown without brackets?
If your return has one box for profit and another for loss, the loss figure will appear without brackets. Brackets are only used to denote a negative figure when the same box is used for profit and loss.
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How do I switch to a summary breakdown of expenses on my SA800 partnership return?
You can only switch to a summary breakdown of expenses in your SA800 partnership return if turnover is below the threshold for declaring income on the Full Form. The business threshold for 2023-24 is £85,000. To switch to a summary breakdown you need to clear all entries made on the Full Form,...
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How do I sort data I've entered into a wizard?
If the wizard contains an underlined heading, you can sort data by that column: Click on the heading to sort the data alphabetically. Click on the heading again to sort the data in reverse order.
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What penalty will I pay if I miss the filing deadline?
The online filing deadline is 31 January. Registration can take between 7 and 10 days, so make sure you register early to allow yourself plenty of time to file. If you file your return after the deadline, HMRC will charge you a £100 penalty. You’ll have to pay this even if: your return is...
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Why can I see a hybrid rate for capital allowances?
HMRC will issue the rates available for each pool based on the full tax year. If you have a scenario where a tax return is covering a period other than a tax year, you will see the term Hybrid present on the Capital Allowance Calculation Grid. This is because the application will complete the pro...
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