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Can I add anything further to the CSV outputs?
The default CSV outputs vary for each report. For the Audit Trail, the default columns provided for are: Transaction Number Account Code (from the chart of accounts) Account Description Narrative WP Reference (Working Papers) Debit Credit For the Nominal Ledger, the default columns...
rating 14 May, 2015 Views: 257
How do I produce Abridged Accounts?
To generate an Abridged Profit and Loss Account (Income Statement) and/or an Abridged Balance Sheet in conjunction with the requirements of the Small companies’/LLPs regime within Accounts Production, please select: Accounts Setup Accounting Standards Abridgement Options (Note, this only...
rating 24 Mar, 2020 Views: 194
Why isn't the Export button working in Accounts Production?
If the Export button isn't working in Accounts Production this is likely due to a space (carriage return) at the end of the company name or company registration number within Client Information. First, go into Practice Manager and follow these steps: Double-click on the name of the client. ...
rating 17 Oct, 2019 Views: 189
How do I send Accounts to TaxCalc
In some cases when you have a query, the TaxCalc support team may need to look at your account postings. You can send this accounts data by following these steps: Open the Accounting period. Select Reports > Audit Trail. Select Export Report from the top right of the page. Chose...
rating 12 Jul, 2017 Views: 178
How do I hide the user column on an exported CSV file?
If no figures appear when you try to import using TaxCalc's default import maps, this may be because the user column is showing in your CSV file. To hide the user column you can either delete it manually on the file or you can change the global setting to not include this option when exporting....
rating 23 Sep, 2015 Views: 166
How do I include a Director/Member’s report for FRS 105 (Micro-Entity) set of accounts?
Micro-Entities are not required to prepare a Director/Member’s report under the Companies Act 2006 section 415(A), hence why the report of the Director/Member is excluded by default for accounts prepared under the FRS 105 (Micro-Entity) Provisions. However, an option is available to include...
rating 24 Oct, 2019 Views: 161
How do I produce a Single Statement of Comprehensive Income?
To present the Profit and Loss Account (Income Statement) and Statement of Comprehensive Income as a single statement (where Other Comprehensive Income is to be disclosed) within Accounts Production, please select Accounts Setup Statement Preferences. A small company is not required to...
rating 24 Mar, 2020 Views: 130
Why can I no longer generate Abbreviated Accounts?
Abbreviated Accounts can still be generated for filing at Companies House for accounting periods starting before 1 January 2016.However, as part of the changes to the Small Companies Regime, the option to prepare Abbreviated Accounts was removed and therefore can no longer be applied for periods...
rating 06 Feb, 2018 Views: 124
Why is a Share Capital Note being included in the Financial Statements?
The statutory format as per Small Companies Regime require that the amount of allotted share capital and the amount of called up share capital which has been paid up must be shown separately. TaxCalc includes the Share Capital Note in the Financial Statements by default however, an option is...
rating 24 Oct, 2019 Views: 120
How do I include the Statement of Changes in Equity within the Registrar Financial Statements?
Select Notes Edit Notes Statement of Changes in Equity Set ‘Include Statement of Changes in Equity in Registrar Financial Statements. Please note: There are differing opinions in the profession about the inclusion, or not, of the Statement of Changes in Equity (and other primary...
rating 24 Mar, 2020 Views: 105
Why am I getting a full breakdown of Debtors/Creditors in the notes to Financial Statements?
A detailed breakdown of the debtors/creditors will be disclosed in the Notes to Financial Statements by default, however an option is available in the left-hand menu to show reduced disclosure (as allowed by the Small Companies Regime). Menu – Edit Notes – Debtors / Untick Show a breakdown...
rating 24 Oct, 2019 Views: 100

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