VAT Filer for business- How to send to and retrieve data from HMRC

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Last updated: 08 Mar, 2022

What are APIs?

HMRC have provided a method of obtaining information relevant to VAT Returns called Application Program Interfaces or APIs. This is the second part of their overall Digital transformation project known as Making Tax Digital (MTD).

What data can be requested from HMRC?

This article will help you to use the HMRC APIs to obtain information direct from HMRC. Please click here to find out what information you will receive from HMRC.

Prerequisites for using the VAT APIs

The following details must be completed to ensure that information can be submitted and obtained from HMRC for VAT Returns:

  • VAT Registration Number
  • Authorisation lodged with HMRC for VAT services
  • Authorised with HMRC to use the MTD Service. Click here to go to the HMRC website for further information

Step 1 - Authorising TaxCalc to interact with HMRC 

  • Click Open VAT Filer
  • Please ensure that the business profile has a selection 'Yes' for Enrolled for MTD. If you have already created a business profile, you can click on Edit Business to make the appropriate selection
  • Then click on Open VAT Returns
  • When you first click on Fetch VAT Periods, the following screen will appear to enable you to authorise TaxCalc to interact with HMRC. This is a process that effectively links TaxCalc (with you as an individual) to HMRC. Please follow the steps below to authorise the software:

  1. Click on Authorise
  2. Click on Continue
  3. Enter your Government Gateway User ID and Password.
  4. Click on Grant Authority and TaxCalc should be authorised.
  5. Then click Finish

Step 2: Fetching VAT periods from HMRC

Once you have authorised TaxCalc as mentioned in Step 1, you will then be taken to the VAT Obligations screen as shown below.

Enter the From and To date for the period you wish to fetch VAT periods as shown above and click Search.

The VAT periods will get displayed as shown below:

Please note: If you select a fulfilled VAT period, the VAT figures that were submitted for that VAT return period should get displayed in the area with the heading 'Fulfilled Return Data'. TaxCalc fetches the VAT figures of the fulfilled VAT return period. You can view this data by selecting that VAT return period on the Select VAT Returns/EC Sales List dialog and clicking Open. Please be aware that changes should not be made to a fulfilled VAT Return

Click Fetch. You will then be taken to the Select VAT Return/EC Sales List window where you can see the VAT periods listed as shown below:

Select the VAT period with an Open status and click Open. You should now be able to complete this VAT return and file it via the MTD service.

VAT periods can also be created manually before using the Fetch process but the period dates have to match the periods that HMRC hold for the business, for the period to file successfully. Once the Fetch process is completed, the periods will be validated and any mismatch with HMRC records will be shown via a message returned.

Payments and Liabilities:

You can also retrieve Payments and Liabilities using APIs.

Go to Business Information > Payment & Liabilities 

Click on the Retrieve Payments/Liabilities button. You will see the following screen:

Enter the From and To date for the period you wish to retrieve the information and click Fetch.

The payments that were made or refunded and any outstanding liabilities post enrolling for the MTD service will get displayed in the table on Payments & Liabilities page

Article ID: 2877
Last updated: 08 Mar, 2022
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