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TaxCalc release notes

Article ID: 2015
Last updated: 04 Jan, 2019

TaxCalc Product Update – Version 7.0.012 – Released on 17 December 2018

Applying the Update  

Please note: if you are updating a TaxCalc release prior to v7.0.008 this update requires an installer to be run. Please ensure that you have local admin rights before attempting the update.

Update Summary 

The following updates have been included:

  • Tax Return Production 
    • A default validation message was preventing online submission where the taxpayer was female AND born between 06/10/50 and 06/04/51 AND was a member of two partnerships. This validation has now been updated to an information message so it will not prevent online submission. Please note, the warning will be removed completely in a future release as it is no longer relevant.
  • Accounts Production 
    • In some situations "Creditors : amounts falling after more than one year" was being omitted from the balance sheet for accounts prepared under FRS 105 for both Limited Companies and LLPs. This has now been corrected.
    • In some situations "Debtors due within one year" was displaying an incorrect value within the notes to financial statements for accounts prepared under FRS 102 for both Limited Companies and LLPs. This has now been corrected.

TaxCalc Product Update – Version 7.0.008 – Released on 29 Nov 2018

The following improvements have been included:

Product Summary 

  • eSign Centre Update
  • Tax Return Production Update
  • VAT Filer Update
  • NEW – VAT Filer for Business
  • Accounts Production Update
    • Integration with FreeAgent
  • Company Secretarial Update

Non-Product Summary 

  • Update to TaxCalc Hub Framework
  • Resolved update issues experienced by some Customers when installing version 7.0.006

eSign Centre Update

New Features

  • It is now possible to:
    • electronically sign VAT returns, EC sales lists and HMRC forms. These documents can be added via the Add Document dialog in the Envelope SimpleStep, or it can be added using the “Add to eSign Envelope” button on the returns or forms themselves.
    • add new eSign Centre related work statuses to the VAT Work Status list
    • add, edit and delete email addresses from within the envelope SimpleStep
    • see who an envelope is currently with in a signing chain.

Usability Improvements

  • The right-click menu has been added to the main eSign Centre home screen.
  • Envelopes for individuals now automatically set the recipient to 'Signer'.
  • The client name has been added to the document name generation in the envelope SimpleStep.
  • It is now possible for a user to open multiple envelopes at the same time.


  • The Date Filed to HMRC is now populated in Report Manager in all situations.
  • Locked reports now display both Clients and Contacts (instead of only displaying Clients).

Tax Return Production Update

  • General bug fixes including:
    • Check & Finish to include information regarding property finance costs (where these could not be fully utilised).
    • Updates to HMRC exclusion messages.
    • Fixes for HMRC Exclusion 92 and HMRC Exclusion 93.

VAT Filer Update

Import Functionality

  • It is now possible to import from a Microsoft Excel Macro-Enabled Worksheet.
  • The import finish screen has been updated to display total boxes 3 and 5.
  • Spreadsheets with specific characters no longer restrict the display of cells.


  • The totals for boxes 3 and 5 and now included on all reports.
  • A small update has been made to the detailed adjustments report.


  • The term 'Final' has been removed from screens and reports.

NEW– VAT Filer for Business

  • MTD-compatible VAT Filing bridging software, ideal for:
    • Unrepresented businesses to comply with their MTD obligations.
    • Agents who do not provide VAT services but wish to provide their clients with a recommended solution. 

Accounts Production Update

  • General bug fixes including:
    • When filing a CT600 the error 'Inconsistent duplicate fact values (core:Equity)' will no longer occur.
    • Blank pages will no longer appear when exporting printing Financial Statements or exporting to PDF.
    • Directors loan account code 5800 will now appear correctly within the Notes to Financial Statements in all situations.
  • Updates have been made to the Auditors' Report for both FRS 102 1A and FRS 105 to reflect ICAEW guidance.
  • Using our familiar import trial balance wizard, import a year end trial balance directly from online accounting software FreeAgent.

Company Secretarial Update

  • General bug fixes.

Update to TaxCalc Hub Framework

  • An update to the framework has allowed us to correct an issue that was causing some users to experience display problems and, in rare cases, inability to open the application. 

TaxCalc Product Update – Version 6.9.025 – Released on 16 Oct 2018

The following improvements have been included:


  • VAT Filer (now MTD-ready)
  • General Updates

VAT Filer (now MTD-ready)

  • Access to VAT Filer has been updated to be consistent with all other TaxCalc products.
  • TaxCalc VAT Filer is now MTD-compatible, acting as bridging software to support the obligations for Making Tax Digital.
  • Supports multi-service VAT Return submissions:
    • Continue to file VAT Returns via the Government Gateway in the build up to MTD for VAT.
    • Continue to file VAT Returns via the Government Gateway for clients below the VAT threshold, who voluntarily opt in to VAT.
    • Seamlessly switch to filing via the 'MTD for VAT' service from 1 April 2019 (or as part of the MTD for VAT Pilot).
  • A digital link allows you to quickly and easily import any spreadsheet directly into your VAT returns using our intuitive onscreen cell selector.
  • Smart and simple wizards allow you to calculate and digitally record adjustments to your VAT return.
  • Keep an electronic copy of your supporting documents within easy reach by adding attachments directly to your VAT return.

    MTD only
  • Reduce errors and automatically create VAT periods by retrieving VAT obligations directly from HMRC.
  • Build a picture of your client's VAT history by retrieving previous VAT returns directly from HMRC. Ideal for newly engaged clients. (Note: Only applies to VAT returns submitted under MTD.)
  • Keep up to date and on top of your client's VAT position by retrieving VAT payments and liabilities directly from HMRC.

General Updates

  • eSign Centre
    • The auto reminder for an envelope has now been limited to a minimum of 12 hours.
    • A progress dialog on selecting Send Envelope will now be displayed.
    • An issue has been resolved which caused some users to be presented with an "Unable to send eSign envelope" error.
  • Tasks
    • Tasks created with a VAT return task type will no longer automatically create VAT periods on completions where the client is enrolled for MTD.
  • Policies

TaxCalc Product Update – Version 6.8.046 – Released on 20 September 2018

The following improvements have been included:


  • NEW – eSign Centre
  • NEW – GDPR Centre
  • General Maintenance
  • Policy Updates

NEW – eSign Centre

Introducing TaxCalc eSign Centre! Quickly prepare documents and send to clients to obtain electronic approval for sets of accounts and tax returns.

Features include:

  • SimpleStep allows quick creation of eSign envelopes.
    • Recipients list pre-populated from Relationships that already exist within Client Hub.
    • Add sets of accounts and tax returns directly into envelopes with a few clicks.
    • Smart and intuitive document tagging wizard allows drag and drop of signing tags.
    • Envelope History Report provides an audit trail of interactions with an envelope on completion.
    • Check and Finish provides peace of mind that envelopes have been created correctly.
  • Efficiently manage envelopes from the eSign Control Centre with simple progress tracking, automatic status updates and reminders.
  • Customise settings globally within Admin Centre, including Reminder Options, Email Templates and Envelope Options.
  • From within Accounts Production and Tax Return Production, add sets of accounts and tax returns directly to an envelope from the item of work.

NEW – GDPR Centre

Introducing TaxCalc GDPR Centre! Navigate the complexities of GDPR and stay on top of data protection obligations. 

Features include:

  • A series of SimpleStep tools provide an intuitive process for recording and maintaining relevant data.
    • Complete and maintain Process Checklists.
    • Keep track of all personal data activities within Data Activity Registers.
    • Create Risk Assessments to identify and assess scenarios that carry a risk to the firm.
    • Record and assess any Data Breaches, and help prevent them from happening again.
    • Fulfil, track and file Data Subject Access Requests.
    • Check and Finish will highlight errors or mismatches of data.
    • Produce Summary Reports for communicating data to the appropriate person(s).
  • Carry out annual reviews with the simple creation of review points.
  • Within Admin Centre, log the appointment, training and actions of the Data Protection Officer (if applicable).

General Maintenance

Accounts Production

  • Check and Finish warning(s) "The following information does not match that held at Companies House..." have been updated and will no longer appear where:
    • a Company Name mismatch occurs as a result of a casing difference
    • the Account Period end date is returned from Companies House as 29 February.

Tax Return Production

  • In some situations the calculated value in box CAL1 and Tax payment/repayment summary was being incorrectly reported. This has now been updated to include a restricted Class 2 NIC value where appropriate.

Policy Updates

Terms & Conditions of Sale, End-User Licence Agreement and Privacy Policy

  • Please note that the T&Cs, the EULA and the Privacy Policy have been updated in line with this release. 

TaxCalc Product Update – Version 6.7.017 – Released on 28 Aug 2018

Updates to Accounts Production

  •     Fixed an update issue introduced with version 6.7.016
  •     Fixed an issue introduced recently whereby note selections are not always being reflected when producing Financial Statements. As a result, it is possible that some disclosures may be appearing incorrectly or not appearing when they should be.Users are advised to ensure notes have been included in line with selections for Financial Statements generated since 1 August 2018.

TaxCalc Product Update – Version 6.7.016 – Released on 23 Aug 2018

Updates to Accounts Production

  • Fixed an issue introduced recently whereby when the ‘Include this note? ‘Yes/No switches were first changed from their default, the Financial Statements produced thereafter did not consistently reflect those selections. As a result, it is possible that some disclosures may be appearing incorrectly or not appearing when they should be. Users are advised to ensure notes have been included in line with selections for Financial Statements generated since 1 August 2018.

TaxCalc Product Update – Version 6.7.011 – Released on 8 Aug 2018

Updates to Task Management and Client Hub

Resolved issues that:

  • Prevented an update for some customers with custom views.
  • Prevented Report Manager from working with some self-made reports.
  • Prevented data mining from returning results for tax work status.

TaxCalc Product Update – Version 6.7.008 – Released on 1 Aug 2018

The following improvements have been included:


  • Updates to Tasks and Task Management
  • Updates to Companies House Sync
  • Updates to Client Hub
  • Improvements to Companies House Forms / Company Incorporator Validation

Updates to Tasks and Task Management

  • Work Status Tracking
    • A work status (for Accounts, Tax and VAT) can now be tracked and progressed directly via a task.
    • The work status associated with a task is displayed within a separate column within task management.
    • The work status associated with a task can now be updated and re-assigned at the same time.
    • An icon to signify a period (Accounts, Tax and VAT) has been associated with a task is now displayed, next to the cog menu.
  • Task Management – General
    • Tasks can now be assigned to a contact.
    • The options 'Task Status' and 'Re-assign Task' have been combined into one option, Update Task' (which also includes the option to update the work status).
    • The task information panel has been updated to display more information about a given task.
    • Additional menu options have been provided to:
      • open linked work directly via a task
      • allow an ad-hoc note to be added to a task.
  • Task List
    • Tasks in their reminder period or overdue are now highlighted using colour coded indicators.
    • Recurring tasks and tasks associated with work now include an identification icon.
    • A client can now be directly accessed via the task list.
    • Columns can now be re-order and added/removed (on right-click).
    • Additional filters have now been included for:
      • client
      • linked work status
      • due within 1 day (included within 'Show me tasks that are' filter)
      • due within 7 days (included within 'Show me tasks that are' filter)
      • due within 30 days (included within 'Show me tasks that are' filter).
  • Task Wizard
    • The task wizard (create new/edit existing/duplicate) has been updated to use SimpleStep® functionality.
    • The default selections and order of some fields have also been updated.
  • Client Hub – Client/Contacts
    • The menu tree has been re-organised (including the parenting of the 'Open In' and 'Set Work Status' options).
    • A new option 'View Tasks' (for selected client) has been added.
  • Client Dashboard
    • The 'Tasks assigned to me' widget has been updated to include:
      • colour to identify tasks that are in their reminder period and overdue
      • icons to identify tasks that are recurring/associated with work
      • additional filter options to only show tasks due within 1,7 or 30 days.
    • New 'Task summary' widget added (task type, task status)
  • Notifications
    • A new 'Assigned Task Notification' will appear when a task has been assigned to a user.
    • Additional options have been applied to the 'Commencement' and 'Overdue Task' reminders to help to progress a task.
  • Task Scheduler
    • Now includes an option 'View Tasks' (for client).

Updates to Companies House Sync

  • The 'Companies House Sync' wizard has been extended to include:**
    • All officer relationships for directors, company secretaries and PSCs (including their service addresses and a PSC's nature of control).
    • Allows the sync of relationships using an existing client/contact or using a newly created client/contact.
    • Allows the sync of addresses using an existing address or a newly created address.
    • Allows the sync of all data on a page or individual items of data.
    • Intuitive indicators showing where company data and relationships are not in sync.
    • Filter options to show pages in sync / not in sync and current/past officers only.
    • Familiar Check and Finish.
  • Use of the 'Companies House Sync' wizard as a comparison tool for ongoing maintenance and confirmation of data held on public record (to help with the preparation of the confirmation statement).
    • The option 'Sync with Companies House' is available from both main client list and individual client record (including Relationships).
    • Also includes the option to print page / summary report (to send to clients for verification of data).

**Features are included within Companies House Forms Unlimited or as a chargeable add-on to Client Hub.

Updates to Client Hub

  • A dedicated field for 'Usual Year-End' has been added to Client Hub (within Company Information) for Limited Companies.
  • Confirmation Statement date field is now used to populate CS01
  • The nature of control of a PSC can now be accessed from the relationship within a client's record in Client Hub.

Improvements to Companies House Forms / Company Incorporator Validation 

  • The following improvements have been made to Company Incorporator:
    • Check and Finish validations have been updated to assist with error trapping.
    • Additional Check and Finish validations have been included:
      • Validate where a 'Same As' name check has not been performed.
      • Validate the use of 'Limited' (or permitted alternative) as a name ending.
      • A selection of other general form preparation and submission issues have been resolved.
    • A new check is now included under 'Check Name' to verify where a proposed company name includes sensitive words or expressions.
    • Improvements to the syncing of data between Company Incorporator and Client Hub.
  • The following improvements has been made to Companies House Forms:
    • Check and Finish validations have been updated to assist with error trapping.
    • Improvements to the syncing of data between Company Incorporator and Client Hub.
  • A new Check and Finish validation has been added to Accounts Production where the Company Name and/or Account Period End doesn't match that held at Companies House.

TaxCalc Product Update – Version 6.6.024 – Released on 11 Jul 2018

The following improvements have been included:

Tax Return Production – Corporation Tax

  • Inclusion of CT600G Northern Ireland Pages. The CT600G Northern Ireland Pages have now been included in preparation for the Northern Ireland Corporation Tax Rate changing (currently anticipated for April 2019).
    • Allows data entry for the split between Northern Ireland and the Rest of UK amounts to be entered as part of the SimpleStep routine or HMRC Forms mode, for the Core CT600 and Supplementary pages.
      Please note that any CT600 that has Northern Ireland boxes completed will fail online filing due to the business rules currently put in place by HM Revenue and Customs.
  • Improvements to AIA validation messages.
  • Updated the Research & Development Expenditure Credit (RDEC) rate to 12% for expenditure post 1 January 2018.

Individual & Trust Tax Return Improvements

  • New Feature! Foreign Tax Return Credit Relief ‘reordering’ wizard. Allows reordering of the foreign income entered to see whether a more favourable foreign tax credit relief amount can be calculated.
  • Updated R185s to the latest versions received from HMRC.

TaxCalc Client Hub

  • The option to create a client using Quick or Full setup has been improved to always be a quick setup, with an option to continue entering client details. 

TaxCalc Product Update – Version 6.5.027 – Released on 6 June 2018

The following improvements have been included:


  • Online Accounting Software Integration: QuickBooks Online (QBO)
  • Tax Return Production improvements
  • Client Hub – Mail Merge: Five new GDPR Engagement Letters 
  • What If Planner 2018/19
  • Dividend Database update for 2017/18 information

Online Accounting Software Integration: QuickBooks Online (QBO)

  • Import a year-end trial balance directly from QBO (Posting > Import Trial Balance > Third Party API > QuickBooks Online).
    • Uses familiar import trial balance wizard.
    • Requires secure authentication.
    • A warning is provided on import where a Closing Date has not been entered within QBO.
    • Warnings are provided where an opening balances batch or a previous import already exist at the time of import (to prevent double counting).
    • Create a QBO import map.
    • All QBO import maps are created on a per-client basis allowing full customisation.
    • Import map can be started using:
      • default mappings based on the default QBO chart of accounts
      • an existing (CSV) import map
      • another client’s import map.
    • Update mappings quickly and easily when required via the import wizard.
    • One-to-one mappings are stored and retained for future imports/years.
    • Import completes into a separate batch, which can then be edited/updated if required once complete. (Note: Any adjustments are not posted back to QBO).

Tax Return Production improvements

  • Validation to check whether the self assessment tax year is able to be filed online before submission, to reduce rejections.
  • HMRC SA110 Calculation Summary updated to the latest version from HMRC.
  • A new wizard for Foreign Land and Property for the Partnership SA800 return.
  • Business Integration Wizard validation will now disappear once a sync has been made.

New Feature: Client Hub – Mail Merge: Five new GDPR Engagement Letters 

Engagement letters updated with suggested wording for the new General Data Protection Act:

  • GDPR Engagement Letters:
    • Firm's Terms of Business
    • Main Letter for Individuals
    • Main Letter for Partnerships and Limited Companies 
    • Main Letter for Trusts
    • Schedule of Services: Payroll

New Feature: TaxCalc What If Planner for 2017/18 tax year is now available

This add-on calculates a future tax liability for the following tax year and enables the creation of tax planning scenarios.

  • What If Planner includes changes to the Scottish rate of tax.

Dividend Database 

This add-on provides a database of dividends of FTSE350 and AIM listed companies updated for 2017/18 information.

TaxCalc 2018 update – Version 6.4.034 – Released on 1 May 2018

The following improvements have been included:

Accounts Production

  • New! A Posting Batch, pre-populated using an account code template, can now be created via Posting  New Template Batch. The following templates are currently available:
    • Last Years Trial Balance.
    • Last Years Trail Balance (including Debit/Credit Values).
    • Favourite Account Codes.
  • It is now possible to prepare financial statements for LLPs under FRS 105 (the Financial Reporting Standard applicable to the micro-entities regime).
  • An option is now available to voluntarily include a Director's Report within accounts prepared under FRS 105.
  • The Accountant's Report has been updated to include default wording for the Institute of Financial Accountants (IFA).
  • Further improvements have been made to Notes and Disclosures, that cover both disclosures required by law and those that may be required to give a true and fair view. These include:
    • The inclusion of additional account codes for "Profit/loss on revaluation of assets" to provide flexibility on where to include fair value adjustments.
      • Account codes 3570 & 3571 will show separately on the face of the Profit and Loss Account before ‘Operating Profit’.
      • Account codes 3580 & 3581 will show separately on the face of the Profit and Loss Account after ‘Operating Profit’.
      • Other codes have also been added to general income and expense headings (e.g. Cost of sales, Administrative expenses, Other operating income, etc).
    • The Taxation note now provides a list of additional movements for inclusion within the breakdown of tax charge section.
      • In addition, further account codes are now available for disclosure of components of Corporation Tax charge: Accounts codes 3820 to 3822 (Profit and Loss Account).
    • An option to show reduced disclosures for Debtors and Creditors.
    • Improvements have been made to the Provisions and Deferred Tax notes to provide an extension to disclosure that has the inclusion of additional codes for a further breakdown of components:
      • Account codes 3830 to 3832 (Taxation, Profit and Loss Account).
      • Account codes 6101 to 6104 (Provisions, Balance Sheet).
    • New account codes have been provided for separate inclusion of a Fair Value Reserve (Limited Companies only).
      • Account codes 7600 to 7630.
    • A Reserves note including Revaluation and Fair Value Reserves can now be produced (where a Statement of Changes in Equity is not to be included).
    • A simplified Share Capital note showing total allotted, called up and paid/not paid.
    • The Transactions with Directors note has been updated, including being renamed to 'Directors' advances, credits and guarantees'.
    • Small improvements have also been made to the Related Party Transactions note.
    • An extra two Additional Accounting Policy notes are now available.
    • A new Additional Note to the Accounts has been added for inclusion at the end of the Profit and Loss Account notes.

New! GDPR Consent Management

Manage all marketing consent from within Client Hub. The fields that can be entered into TaxCalc Client Hub for each Client/Contact are under the Engagement screen.

In this release we have provided the ability to track consent for communications channels:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • SMS
  • Mail

You will be able to track the date of consent, who consented, who in the practice obtained the consent from the client, the method of how the consent was received (e.g. verbally, by email, by post) and a note for any additional information.

All of the information will be audit logged so every change can be seen over time. There are permissions to allow deletion of the records of each consent for removal of errors and amendments.

Consent Management Reporting

We have provided a default report that provides results on all clients and contacts that have given consent to receive email marketing communications from your practice. Consent Reporting will display the latest consent status for each type of consent.

Consent Management Administration

Consent management can be customised in Administration to create the best fit for your practice. The fields that can be customised are:

  • Consent type (the way you will be contacting your clients and contacts).
  • The method of consent (how the client/contact agreed to communications).

Bulk Consent

TaxCalc enables you to Bulk Consent your clients and contacts, for any practice that has already begun collating the relevant consent in preparation for GDPR's enforcement on 25 May 2018.

Tax Return Production

  • New! MTD Integration wizard. Update of Business information from the 2018 tax return to Client Hub.
  • Incorporation of additional HMRC Exclusions.
  • Resolutions to a number of software faults arising from the initial release of TaxCalc 2018.

MTD Integration Wizard 

  • Create and update the business record in Client Hub with the following business information direct from the Tax Return in preparation for MTD:
    • Business name.
    • Latest year end.
    • Turnover.

Software resolutions

  • Correction to the Adjusted Income calculation within the Pension Allowance wizard.
  • Profits were not apportioned correctly for the first period in a long period of account when importing from Accounts Production to the CT600 Tax Return; this has now been fixed.
  • Self employment pages: Class 4 NIC Exemption box is now automatically completed when reaching 65.
  • Fixed error where TaxCalc stopped working when attempting to select a Participator using the search function.
  • Loans to Participators: Mismatch between Accounts Production and Tax Return Production error message in Check & Finish reclassified to be an information message.
  • Corrected the error encountered when attempting to access the HMRC website using links within the software to Helpsheets and Guides.

TaxCalc 2018 update – Version 6.3.041 – Released on 21 Mar 2018

TaxCalc 2018 

  • Incorporation of 2017/18 SA100, SA800 and SA900 Tax Returns.
  • 2017/18 updated R40 repayment claim form.
  • Fully updated Summaries including the header in line with header styles in Accounts Production and Corporation Tax.
  • Improved integration between Corporation Tax and Accounts Production.
  • Updated Help for 2017/18.
  • Other enhancements and improvements as detailed below.
Self Employment – Basis period wizard 
  • New for 2017/18! Calculation of the basis period and overlap profits based upon accounting period information entered.
  • Add historical accounting period information for 2014/15 onwards and view in a single location.
  • Calculate the basis periods for opening years together with overlap periods and associate profit.
  • Correct evaluation of overlap relief where accounting date changed and cessation of the business.
  • Import accounting period information from previous tax years from 2014/15 onwards.
  • Completion of the SA103F Self Employment pages without the need for manual entry.
SA105 Land & Property
  • Incorporation of the restriction of finance costs in respect of UK residential property.
  • Updated Land & Property Summary including resolutions to issues raised.
 SA106 Foreign 
  • Total row added to Foreign dividend and interest screens.
  • New box displaying the relevant country rate of foreign tax relief based upon the Double Taxation Agreement.
  • Ability to override the prepopulated rate of foreign tax relief for a country.
  • Fully updated HMRC Foreign Tax Credit Relief Working Sheet for 2017/18.
  • Updated foreign land and property pages to accommodate the restriction in relief for finance costs for residential property.
HMRC Fetch API's
  • Fetching employment details has been improved to better match existing employment data with information from HMRC.
  • Improved handling of error messages issued by HMRC when fetching information.
  • Improved the handling of HMRC issues during the Authorisation and Identity Verification process.
Corporation Tax 
  • New! Ability to create a journal for the corporation tax liability from within Corporation Tax and subsequently create a posting batch within Accounts Production.
  • New! Management Expenses wizard providing the option to provide detailed breakdowns of management expenses arising in a period of account.
  • Trading ceased date added to import from Accounts Production and calculation of the apportioned profits to the trading period.
  • New validation incorporated into Check & Finish: Loans to Participators – no entry created in CT600A relating to additions in the Director's Loan accounts in Accounts Production.
Client Questionnaire
  • Data from any other income area now incorporated into the questionnaire.
  • Employment income and tax deducted now incorporated into the questionnaire.
  • Improvements to include details of income where wizards not used:
    • Untaxed UK interest.
    • Interest from gilt-edged securities.
    • Pensions received.

WhatIf? Planner - 2018/19 is currently unavailable and will be updated in later release

Online Accounting Software Integration (Xero)

  • Import a year-end trial balance directly from Xero (Posting > Import Trial Balance > Third Party API > Xero).
    • Uses familiar import trial balance wizard.
    • Requires secure authentication.
    • A warning is provided on import where a Lock Date has not been entered within Xero.
    • Warnings are provided where an opening balances batch or a previous import already exists at the time of import (to prevent double counting).
    • Create a Xero import map.
    • All Xero import maps are created on a per-client basis allowing full customisation.
    • Import map can be started using:
      • default mappings based on the default Xero chart of accounts
      • an existing (CSV) import map
      • another client’s import map.
    • Update mappings quickly and easily when required via the import wizard.
    • One-to-one mappings are stored and retained for future imports/years.
    • Import completes in to a separate batch, which can then be edited/updated if required once complete. (Note: Any adjustments are not posted back to Xero).

Accounts Production - Version 6.2.011 - Released on 13 February 2018

For both Limited Companies and LLPs (where appropriate)

Notes and Disclosures

  • Default text for notes has been updated under Administration to provide defaults for FRS 102 1A and FRS 105
  • Options are now available under Edit Notes to include/exclude the Company Information and Statement of Changes in Equity within the Registrar Financial Statements
  • The default for some notes to be included/excluded have been updated
  • Edit Notes now includes two filter options; one to show only notes that are Required by Law or Encouraged by FRS; and another to show all notes that are On or Off.
  • A separate note is now included under both FRS 102 1A and FRS 105 for Off-balance Sheet Arrangements.
  • It is now possible to enter a Director/Member to sign the report(s) without entering a date.
  • The Average Number of Employees note now allows additional categories to be created.
  • Improvements have been made to the Tax on Profit note including the addition of items for the breakdown of tax charge for Prior period adjustment and Difference in tax rates.
  • The Transactions with and Loans to Directors note has been amended to suppress column headings where no names have been selected.  This will allow the note to be used as just free text.

Statement Preferences

  • It is now possible to generate an Abridged Profit and Loss Account (Income Statement) and/or an Abridged Balance Sheet in conjunction with the requirements of the Small Companies/LLPs regime.
  • It is now possible to generate a Statement of income and Retained Earnings (instead of a separate Profit and Loss Account (Income Statement) and Statement of Changes in Equity)
  • An option is now available to present the Profit and Loss Account (Income Statement) and Statement of Comprehensive Income as a single Statement

Auditors' and Accountants' Report

  • The Report of the Auditors has been updated for periods starting on or after 17 June 2016 to support the requirements of ISA (UK) 700 (Revised June 2016) and other reporting requirements of the ISAs (UK).
  • An Audit Information note is now included within Audited Registrar Financial Statements that covers the requirements of the CA s444(5B)
  • The Accountants' Report for ICAEW has been updated in accordance with AAF 07/16 and AAF 08/16

General Improvements

  • A new option 'Attach to Tax Return' is now available within the Full Financial Statements
  • A new option 'Send to Companies House' is now available within the Registrar Financial Statements
  • When creating a new period options are now available to 'Bring Forward Opening Balances/Notes'.

Corporation Tax

  • Software fault resolutions
    • Corrected an erroneous Check and finish error message relating to deductions allowance which appeared incorrectly.
    • CT600C Group Relief online filing error corrected.
    • Resolved the missing entry in box 780 of CT600 
    • Corrected the rolling forward of losses from a period ended prior to 1/4/2017 into a new period starting on or after 1/4/2017.

CT Loss Reform - Version 6.1.031 - Released on 13th December 2017

Removal of support for older operating systems

TaxCalc will no longer be supported on the following operating systems (which will need to be upgraded to continue using TaxCalc):

  • Windows Vista (or earlier)
  • Windows Server 2008 (Pre R2)
  • OSX 10.9 – Mavericks (or earlier)
  • Linux kernel 3.09 (or earlier)

Tax Return Production

  • Corporation Tax - incorporated new data entry and calculations relating to the introduction of the loss relief regime brought about by the Finance Bill 2017. 
  • Please Note: The changes to Corporation Tax losses in this release will affect periods of account starting on or straddling 1/4/2017 and will result in the IRMark changing for any pre-existing CT600 submission. This is necessary to ensure the submission of these Tax Returns are successful.
  • Corrected an issue in the previous release which prevented the removal of attachments on CT600 returns.


  • End User Licence Agreement (EULA) has been updated to reflect some changes.
  • General security enhancements for Cloud users.
  • Corrected some issues in the previous release which resulted in unexpected screen content for some users with specific graphics cards.
  • Added some configuration options to troubleshoot other uncommon screen content issues on some systems.

TaxCalc Company Secretarial Release - Version 6.0.041 - Released on 17 November 2017

Removal of support for older operating systems

TaxCalc will no longer be supported on the following operating systems (which will need to be upgraded to continue using TaxCalc) :

  • Windows Vista (or earlier)
  • OSX 10.9 – Mavericks (or earlier)
  • Linux kernel 3.09 (or earlier)

Client Hub

  • NEW FEATURE – Dashboards. 
    • A new dashboard is available instead of the application launcher. The dashboard contains a variety of customisable widgets allowing you to view clients, tasks, online filing status and access customisable reports in ‘real-time’. 
    • More widgets will be added over time – tell us what you want!
  • NEW FEATURE – Businesses in Client Hub and Business Cleanup Wizard.
    • With HMRC’s ‘Making Tax Digital for Business’ project approaching, we’ve taken the time to enhance Client Hub, allowing you to create multiple businesses (Trades, Property, Foreign Property) for your clients with separate VAT and PAYE information, as required.
    • You can also create separate VAT returns for each business.
    • There is also a cleanup wizard to help you to easily create businesses and move relevant information into these new businesses.
  • NEW FEATURE – Create company clients from Companies House API. 
    • You can now search the Companies House API and create company clients from information held at Companies House.
    • Imported data includes the company name and number, as well as SIC codes and important dates like the incorporation date, usual year end and so on.
  • Enhancements have been made to the CSV Client Import feature. More information about your clients can now be imported from an external CSV source.
  • Columns and page orientation in all Reports can now be edited ‘on the fly’ before printing, for one-off changes.
  • Added the ability to control the inclusion of contacts (as well as clients) in reports.
  • Added a duplicate report function to quickly make a copy of existing reports as a basis for new reports and save time.
  • Added report categories. You can now create and assign categories to your reports to better group and organise them.
  • Added the ability to search for clients/contacts by phone number. Entering 4 or more digits will trigger inclusion of clients/contacts with a matching phone number in the Client Hub search results.

Company Secretarial

  • Updated People with Significant Control (PSC) forms to include new Date of Registry entry field required by Companies House. Also some further improvements to other date submissions on these forms.
  • Corrected some issues with synchronisation between Client Hub and Companies House Forms. 
  • Corrected some issues whereby allotments and transfers of new share information was not always populating correctly in SH01 (Share Allotment) and CS01 (Confirmation Statement) forms, and multiple currencies were not populating continuation pages in the printed reports.
  • Some validation improvements have been made to the EEA / Non-EEA information sections of forms relating to Corporate Officers and PSCs.
  • Corrected a submission issue with the AP04 form, which could incorrectly appoint a corporate director instead of a corporate secretary in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented online submission of TM01/02 (Termination of Officer) forms.
  • Fixed some issues with content of addresses which could prevent online submission of forms in some cases.
  • Added a restriction to prevent attempts to obtain a Certificate of Incorporation before the Incorporation has been fully processed, as well as improved handling of Companies House responses when checking on the status of a form that is still being processed.
  • Added an option to request same day processing of change of name forms.
  • Corrected some typos and grammatical issues throughout.
  • Added option to sign the Statement of Compliance on behalf of a firm (as opposed to an individual).
  • Corrected population of currency and guarantee amounts from Client Hub for Companies Limited by Guarantee.
  • Corrected some online submission inconsistencies for share capital.
  • Corrected some online filing inconsistencies with addresses.

Tax Return Production

  • General layout enhancements throughout.
  • Enhancements and validations have been added to the HMRC Fetch API process to help troubleshoot and explain some reported issues regarding unavailable data.
  • Removed some incorrect tax tips from the Tax Tips and Planning report which no longer apply.


  • BRANDING CHANGE. New TaxCalc branding, including a new desktop launcher icon and application background, have been added.
  • Improvements have been made to the handling of high DPI screens.
  • End User Licence Agreement (EULA) has been updated to reflect some changes.
  • General security enhancements for Cloud users.

Cloud Installer fix - Version 5.8.012 - Released on 19 December 2017


  • This release applies underlying changes to the update mechanism. This enables all users to upgrade to the current main release - version 6.0 (or later). 

After installing this release, another update will be available for the upgrade to version 6.0 (or later). 

TaxCalc 2017 update - Version 5.8.009 - Released on 5 October 2017

TaxCalc 2017

  • 2016/17 Tax Calculations 
    • Resolved the erroneous display of a Check & Finish message when Capital Gains were entered (the message now correctly appears only when Boxes 41 or 43 are completed)

TaxCalc 2017 update - Version 5.8.005 - Released on 28 September 2017

TaxCalc 2017

  •  New Feature: 
    • Option in Administration area to automatically lock Tax Returns upon successful online filing 
  • 2016/17 Tax calculations 
    • Incorporation of the final updated tax calculations for 2016/17 issued by HMRC - this will correct many of the outstanding errors encountered in relation to allocation of allowances and deductions.
    • Online Filing - incorporation of messages relating to additional HMRC Exclusions
    • Update of the TaxCalc Summary report to align with updated tax calculations
    • Update to the SA110 HMRC Calculation Summary in line with calculation changes
    • SA108 Capital Gains pages - disposal proceeds and costs not shown on the form where below the limits for completing the pages
    • SA108 Capital Gains - HMRC calculation of gain not being calculated where losses on EIS/SEIS relief allocated against income.  
    • Class 4 NIC being incorrectly charged for non-resident individuals where exempt selected.

Note: The IR Mark will change for all cases where the tax liability changes as a result of the updated HMRC calculations and resolutions to the two issues relating to SA108 Capital gains Tax.  

  • 2017/18 Whatif? Planner update
    • Update of the calculations in line with the changes to 2016/17 calculation
    • Correction of the application of the Scottish Income Tax rate band
  • SA900 Trust & Estates Tax Return
    • Form's R185 - inclusion of latest form R185 including fix for the missing text underneath Box 9 of the R185 (Settlor)
    • R185 Beneficiary - Beneficiaries R185 not being generated when using "auto-create" option
    • SA905 Capital Gains Tax pages - IR Mark not appearing on each page when printing.
  • 2016/17 Help manual
    • Improvements to 2017 Tax Calc Help and associated links..
  • CT600 (Company)
    • Yearly comparison report was not being generated
    • Property business losses - error validation appears when attempting to allocate losses b/fwd against total profits 
    • CT600 for Property business fails online filing for a period starting on or after 1/4/2017. Boxes 740 and 745 completed with a "0" incorrectly.
    • Property business - WDV carried forward calculated incorrectly where only AIA claimed in the period. 

Accounts Production

The following issues have been resolved:

  • FRS 102 1A
    • Registrar Financial Statements no longer include Profit and Loss notes incorrectly.
    • Registrar Financial Statements now includes a statement on the Balance Sheet that the Profit and Loss Account has not been filed.
    • Average number of employees note no longer displays column headings where categories are not entered.
  • FRS 105
    • Average number of employees note is now available.
  • LLPs only
    • Income statement is no longer being incorrectly included within Registrar Financial Statements.

TaxCalc Company Secretarial Release - Version 5.7.056 - Released on 31 August 2017

TaxCalc Company Secretarial

  • Enabling retrieval of a new incorporation certificate when a change of name form is submitted successfully to Companies House.
  • Handling errors of additional submissions before a response is received from Companies House from the first initial submission of a form.
  • Fixed an issue for a submission failure when the company type is set to Scottish whilst submitting Confirmation Statements.
  • Added the ability to check the status of any form multiple times.
  • Handled a common rejection error number 8023 from companies house with a Knowledge Base (KB) article for further guidance.
  • Minor text change on NM01 and NM04 to do with meeting date and signing date.
  • Disabled online filing for NM02 and NM03 forms as these can only be submitted by paper. 

TaxCalc Company Secretarial Release - Version 5.7.050 - Released on 15 August 2017

TaxCalc Company Incorporator

  • Fixed an occurrence of not being able to print the incorporation certificate.
  • Removed an issue with retrieving incorporation certificates.
  • It is now permitted to check Companies House Status responses multiple times.

TaxCalc Companies House Forms 

  • Enabled the ability to send a Companies House submission response to TaxCalc for investigation.
  • Improved validations when filing to Companies House.
  • Resolved an issue with submissions relating to Company Authentication Numbers.

TaxCalc Company Secretarial Release - Version 5.7.044 - Released on 3 August 2017

New Product: TaxCalc Company Incorporator

  • TaxCalc Company Incorporator assists with the fast and efficient incorporation of Private Limited Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs).

New Product: TaxCalc Companies House Forms 

  • TaxCalc Companies House Forms saves time when keeping Companies House up to date, by filing forms securely online from within TaxCalc.
  • The software features a library of the most commonly used forms, including managing officers and shareholders, and the annual Confirmation Statement (the replacement for the Annual Return).

Client Hub 

  • Addition of Share Capital and Shareholdings screens in Client Hub to manage companies' shares and work with the Companies House Forms module.
  • Added the ability to choose Limited by Guarantee as the company type when using the quick client create.
  • Clarified the tasks window to setting of reminders (based on start and/or due dates).
  • Reworded 'Annual return' fields to 'Annual return/Confirmation statement' for clarity.
  • Added the ability to create new periods and returns from when creating a task.
  • Fixed an issue with client name searches which prevented matches in some circumstances when searching on first name and surname together.
  • Added a 'Moved out date' field to all client addresses to allow better management of old and new in future.
  • Corrected some (rare) issues with Mail merge on Mac OSX and improved performance when generating a large number of letters and/or client questionnaires.
  • Improvements to the open tabs on the tab bar. Initial width of tabs has been increased for clarity along with automatic resizing of the tabs as the bar fills.
  • Fixed an issue with a wizard used to auto-create partner relationships in Client Hub after importing a new SA800 (partnership) tax return into the system.

Tax Production 

  • Corrected a display issue on the What If Planner 2016/17 summary which was missing a line for dividends at 0% in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue, in some cases, with the correct population of Capital Allowance AIA and WDA fields on the company tax return.
  • More general updates to 2017 application help.

Batch Filer

  • Fixed an issue with the search function on the batch filer screen.


  • Added validations to ensure that date of birth is flagged as a mandatory field when performing searches.

TaxCalc 2017 What If / AML / Dividend data Release - Version 5.6.036 - Released on 28 June 2017

TaxCalc 2017

  •  New Feature: TaxCalc What If Planner for 2017-18 tax year is now available
    • What If Planner includes Scottish rate of tax and improvements to handling of remittance basis and Class 4 calculations.
    • End User Licence Agreement has been updated accordingly and in line with 2017's policy updates.
  • SA100 (Individual) return 
    • 2016/17 tax calculation changes and personal allowance allocation. The calculation provided by HMRC is not always allocating personal allowances in the most beneficial way. The tax calculation provided within TaxCalc has been updated to provide the correct calculation in most scenarios, however, there may still be scenarios that are not currently covered by HMRC Exclusions.
    • SA100 (Individual) returns now include the new CGT Losses Summary in the attachment sent to HMRC (where applicable).
    • Fixed an issue where the Pension Input wizard was incorrectly deducting the amount of employers' contributions in arriving at the amount of the annual allowance. The wizard was also incorrectly calculating the amount of annual allowance available pre- and post-July 2015, resulting in a greater amount of allowance to carry forward.
    • The Client Questionnaire was incorrectly excluding some sources of pension income from the previous year and was reporting dividend income under an incorrect heading. This is now fixed.
    • Corrected an issue with Self-Employment losses that were carried back in the 2015-16 year incorrectly being brought forward into the 2016-17 return again in some cases. 
    • Fixed an issue which prevented R185 data from being imported into SA107 Trust pages on the Individual's return.
    • Corrected an issue whereby capital losses being offset against other income types could result in the loss being used twice.
    • Corrected Tax Payment / Repayment Summary to include the tax payer's name.
    • Corrected Tax Payment / Repayment Summary to correctly reflect repayments being claimed 'now' (and not show it as offset against the January payment due).
    • Corrected logic for female pension retirement age which could result in an incorrect claim for Class 4 exemption.
    • Added motor expenses back into the self-employment pages.
    • Updated Foreign Tax Credit Relief data to include recent rate changes for Interest and Dividends in new Double Taxation Agreements and updated/corrected the supporting worksheets.
    • Further updates to the SA110 Notes from recent HMRC changes (some further changes are outstanding but do not affect the tax calculation itself).
    • Corrected import of employment expenses to import all variances into the wizard and not just the total, from the previous year's return.
    • Added taxable income into the employment summary, which was previously missing.
    • Formatting improvements have been made to the Word / Excel export of summaries. 
  • SA900 (Trust and Estate) return
    • Corrected several erroneous error messages and submission errors in the Capital Gains pages.
    • Presentational improvements to the summaries (also affecting the SA800 Partnership return).
    • Some display corrections on the SA951 tax calculation.
  • CT600 (Company) 
    • Minor corrections to the computations for Patent Box and Annual Investment Allowance claims as well as correcting the Chargeable Gains losses carried forward value, which was incorrect in some cases.
    • Removed the ability to choose type 4 companies, as they no longer exist.
    • The repayment claim box is now automatically ticked when applicable and a validation has also been added, to try and ensure that this is ticked/unticked as applicable.
    • Updated old references to companies act in SimpleStep mode to more accurately reflect the terminology used in the new CT600 (version 3) form.

Dividend Database 

  • Further updates to the application Help.
  • Implemented changes to account for the fact that gross values are now being reported.


  • TaxCalc Client Hub now has an area inside all types of clients to record AML information manually.
  • The TaxCalc Anti-Money Laundering Identity Checking Service has been incorporated into the Client Hub
  • AML users can now perform searches from within the Client Hub and store the responses in the database.

 Accounts Production  

  • Added a new code '3580' to handle movements in the change in value of investment properties through the profit and loss account.
  • Added validations to not use code 3580 to the FRS105 and FRSSE15 chart of accounts, as it is not applicable.
  • Added an option to force the words 'As restated' to appear throughout, regardless of postings that would otherwise trigger this statement.
  • Corrected a tagging issue when changing accounting standards which resulted in online submission failure in some cases.
  • Corrected some tagging with the exported Abbreviated/Registrar accounts that prevented them from being submitted to Companies House outside of TaxCalc Accounts Production.

Version 5.4.119 - Released on 23 May 2017

Client Hub

  • Fixed an erroneous validation that prevented Users from being edited within the Administration module.
  • Fixed an issue within Client Hub relationships that prevented new beneficiaries from being created.

Version 5.4.116 - Released on 15 May 2017

Tax Return Production

  • Fixed an issue that caused the software to become unresponsive if HMRC Status messages existed but the data couldn't be found.
  • Various Help pages have been updated. Please note that, whilst most of the Help is up to date, some pages may still hold out of date information (these will be updated when HMRC update the relevant guidance).
  • Password protected returns can now be exported (they will still require a password to open).

Self Assessment - SA100

  • Fixed an issue affecting 2016 capital allowance claims. In some cases, AIA claims within the general pool were being moved to the special rate pool, which can also result in incorrect importing to the 2017 return. In these cases, affected returns can be re-imported.
  • The SA110 Notes (Tax Calculation) has been reviewed and updated for the new tax year.
  • Corrected logic so that the Capital Gains Tax pages will be automatically included when required thresholds have been reached (in some cases they were being excluded incorrectly).
  • Other corrections to Capital Gains calculations have been implemented.
  • Fixed an issue with Foreign Tax Credit Relief claims where there is also a claim of Top Slicing Relief from Life Gains (in some cases this was producting an incorrect calculation).
  • Various validation messages and triggers have been updated.
  • In cases where the personal allowance is used in a more beneficial way, an information message has been added to explain that this is happening.
  • Minor text updates on the SA302, in line with HMRC standards.
  • Reports and Summaries have been updated to include more detail and correct some rare instances of missing entries.
  • Further HMRC Exclusions (scenarios which will prevent online filing) have been added for 2016/17.

Partnership Return - SA800

  • Various validation messages and triggers have been updated.

Trust Return - SA900

  • The data entered into Q14 was not being sent to HMRC. It is strongly advised that any submissions of 2017 SA900 returns that include discretionary payments to beneficiaries (Q14) should be re-submitted (by sending an amended return).
  • An issue preventing online filing when property income was present has been fixed.
  • The SA951 Tax Summary has been reviewed and updated for the new tax year.
  • A printing issue with the pages has now been corrected.
  • Various validation messages and triggers have been updated.

Corporation Tax Return - CT600

  • Corporation Tax returns up to 31 March 2018 can now be filed online.
  • Various reports have been reviewed and their layout improved.
  • An issue that would cause a filing error when restitution tax was present has been fixed.
  • Some iXBRL tags within the computations have been updated.
  • Various validation messages and triggers have been updated.

Client Hub

  • Fixed an issue where the column sort order was not being saved when re-starting the application.
  • The report manager has been updated to fix an issue when using task reports.
  • Tasks that relate to a return or period now correctly create the following return or period when complete.
  • The 2017 Tax Status shown in the Client Hub now updates correctly after successful submissions.

Cloud Connect

  • The non-client cleanup wizard is now enabled for Cloud Connect users.
  • Automatic backups made by our system can no longer be deleted.
  • Manual backups now have limits, which are shown within the software.


  • In some rare cases backups would not complete. This has now been fixed.

Version 5.4.094 - Released on 12 April 2017

Corporation Tax

  • Fixed a filing issue on CT returns created before version 5.4.094.

Version 5.4.088 - Released on 06 April 2017

TaxCalc 2017

  • Fixed an issue whereby SA100/R40 returns could not be created for the 2017 year when a 2016 R40 repayment claim existed.
  • Corrected Tax Payment Repayment Summary which was incorrectly displaying a 1p payment on account in some instances when no payments on account were due.
  • Fixed some calculation and display issues with Capital Gains Tax on Individual SA100 returns, as follows:
    • CGT Final Summary did not always agree with the, correct, SA302 calculation when Entrepreneurs relief was being claimed. .
    • A message regarding unused clogged losses and calculation amendment in box CGT51 was sometimes appearing when no clogged losses exist.
    • Added a separate row to the CGT Final Summary to account for other Capital Gains adjustments.
    • Fixed an issue on CGT Final summary whereby ring-fenced Non Resident UK Residential losses used were incorrectly being displayed as being carried forward as well.
    • Fixed an issue on CGT Final summary whereby unused clogged losses carried forward were being displayed twice in the carried forward section.
    • NOTE: An issue in the calculation of unused clogged loss adjustments in box CGT51 is still being investigated. However, a validation has been added to warn when the adjustment may not be correct. This will be fixed in a future update.
  • Corrected the SA100 TaxCalc Summary to include FTCR already paid on income from trusts and estates.
  • Fixed an issue on Linux whereby application froze when trying top print a return.

Corporation Tax

  • Updated messaging to confirm that TaxCalc has now been updated to use the 2017 CT600 (version3) form for periods starting on or after 1st April 2015..
  • Added the ability to open the new Loans to Participators wizard from Forms Mode (previously only available via SimpleStep mode).


  • Corrected a performance issue that could affect the speed of opening Client Hub for some users with larger client lists.

Client Hub

  • Fixed a display issue whereby client email addresses were no longer appearing in the Contact screen when editing a client.

Accounts Production

  • Fixed the following issues that were fixed in a previous update but regressed in the previous release:
    • Creditor's note that did not need to be disclosed within the abbreviated statements has been turned off by default.
    • Accountant's Report note that could have shown a blank box in some cases has now been fixed.
    • The transactions with and loans to directors note now correctly displays a comma when figures used are above 1,000.
    • Some posts update page numbering issues within the abbreviated statements have been fixed.
    • An issue with the trial balance figures not appearing correctly when viewing comparative years has been fixed.

Version 5.4.080 - Released on 3rd April 2017

TaxCalc 2017

  • TaxCalc 2017 is available! New 2017 forms available for: SA100, SA800, SA900 returns and R40 repayment claim form.
  • Capital Gains pages improved to cater for the new CGT Supplementary page (SA108) as well as:
    • Non-resident CGT.
    • Employee shareholder status.
    • In addition, the CGT summaries have been improved with a separate losses summary and streamlining of the other summaries.
    • The intermediary summary now allows you to change the order in which losses and AEA (Annual Exempt Allowance) are used in the rare circumstances that it may be more beneficial to do so.
    • Updated Class 2 calculation to handle a rare issue with the Class 2 restrictions, when Class1 NIC has also been paid.
    • Clarified some wording relating to lifetime pension allowance to avoid confusion and added reduction in the lifetime limit.
  • Other summaries throughout have been updated to streamline and standardise the layout.
  • Corrected an issue with printing returns, where the return was not auto-saved and consequently the return status would not be updated.
  • Handling of multiple trades (with multiple page 6/7 instances) added for SA800 Partnership return.

Corporation Tax

  • New 2017 updates to the CT600 (CT version 3) tax return.
  • Patent Box wizard added to assist in calculations of patent relief claims, using either the formulaic or streaming method, along with iXBRL computations.
  • Loans to Participators wizard added to track loans year on year and automatically complete the CT600A supplementary page. Also added section to CT Computations.
  • New CT600K Restitution Tax supplementary pages added.
  • New capital allowances asset pools added for Zero Emissions Goods Vehicles and Enterprise Zones.
  • Manual capital allowance entries now cater for property companies.
  • Corrected a date display issue within the Tax Reconciliation section of the CT Computations.
  • Updated calculation of ring fenced profits, to account for tax rate changes.
  • New box added for bank surcharge.
  • Fixed an issue with importing Accounts Production values into the CT600 (affecting codes 1870 and 1871).
  • Importing Accounts Production values into a CT600 now caters for trading commencement date apportionments.
  • Fixed an issue within the computations where total losses would not appear if trading losses were fully utilised in the period.
  • General improvements to the computations.

SA900 Trust and Estate return

  • Trust and Estate return enhanced to automatically include trustee, settlor and beneficiary relationships added from Client Hub and use this information to create R185 forms.
  • Import from R185 into SA100 returns and R40 repayment claim forms.
  • Wizards added / enhanced for Q12, 14 and 16 of the Trust and Estate return.
  • Tax Pool computation summary added for trusts which are taxed at the trust rate.

Other Tax Production changes

  • Client Questionnaire now includes student loan question, even if it was not present on the previous year’s return.
  • Fixed an issue with period dates not being imported from SNF (Standard Name Format) files when importing into Self Employment pages.
  • Added support for the new HMRC transaction engine (to replace Government Gateway for HMRC submissions, in time).

Client Hub

  • Enhanced the Relationships screen in the related wizard to allow better handling of multiple relationships and faster creation. You can now create new clients or contacts from within the Relationships wizard.
  • Added the ability to create 'contacts' as well as clients, along with the ability to convert older non-clients into new contacts. Contacts allow far more information to be added when creating relationships to people and entities that are not clients. They can also be easily converted into full clients at any time.
  • Fixed an issue where restricted clients could still be opened if a client was accessed from within the Companies House filing log window.

Tasks Enhancements

  • Tasks can be linked to tax returns, accounts and VAT returns, and these returns and periods can be automatically created when applicable.
  • Fixed an issue where the next task is not automatically created when the previous task is completed after the due date.
  • Tasks can now be set to re-occur on specific days of the month.
  • Added concept of Start Date for tasks, in addition to the existing Due Date.
  • Added the ability to update task progress from the cog menu.
  • Fixed some display issues and clarified some wording in the Tasks wizard.

Accounts Production

  • Added the ability to turn off the Directors' Report and Small Company Rules note when using the FRS 105 standards.
  • Fixed issue with the display of the Government Grants note in certain circumstances.
  • Clarified the FRS 102 to state that the standard supported is FRS 102 Section 1A.
  • Updated the balance sheet declaration statements on FRS 102 Section 1A and FRS 105 to better adhere to Companies House requirements.
  • Corrected an issue with the code mapping when exporting trial balance import maps for others to use.
  • Fixed an issue on the tax report whereby 'repairs and maintenance' (code 3140) was transferring to the wrong field.


  • Various stability and maintenance updates
  • Added manual backup limiting. In addition to daily automated backups, CloudConnect users will be permitted up to 10 concurrent manual backups.
  • Added a warning when auto-save of tax returns fails, because of temporary loss of connectivity, to prevent potential loss of data.

Version 5.3.109 - Released on 15th November 2016

  • A tagging issue with the patent adjustment box that caused filing errors on the CT600 2008 form has been corrected.
  • A tagging issue for the wear and tear allowance has been corrected on the CT600 2008 and 2015 forms.
  • Creditor's note that did not need to be disclosed within the abbreviated statements has been turned off by default.
  • Accountant's Report note that could have shown a blank box in some cases has now been fixed.
  • The transactions with and loans to directors note now correctly displays a comma when figures used are above 1,000.
  • Some posts update page numbering issues within the abbreviated statements have been fixed.
  • An issue with the trial balance figures not appearing correctly when viewing comparative years has been fixed.
  • An issue preventing a client search within Mail Merge has now been corrected.
  • An issue preventing reports from correctly appearing has now been corrected.

Version 5.3.098 - Released on 25th October 2016

Accounts Production

  • New Feature: Accounting Standards FRS105 for Limited Companies and FRS102 for LLPs have been added..
  • New Feature: The reference boxes and notes within the Lead Schedules can now be edited within TaxCalc.
  • Feature Improvement: CIMA and AAT have now been added as standard templates for the Accountants Report.
  • Grammar issues within the ICAS accountants' report template have been amended.
  • The reports within Accounts Production have been improved and allow for fast switching between Edit and Preview modes.
  • The reconciliation of the members' interest note has been updated and now automatically interacts with debtors/amount due from members.
  • New codes have also been added in relation to members' interests for LLPs.
  • Fixed an issue with the partners' profit allocation note bringing forward incorrect amounts.
  • Filing issues occurring when more than one company secretary exists have been fixed.
  • Validation messages regarding profit allocation for LLPs now take you to the correct note when clicked.
  • Some alignment issues within the financial statements and lead schedules have been corrected.
  • Incorrect note numbering, occurring in rare scenarios, has been fixed.
  • Corrected some minor issues with the 'bring forward opening balances' function.
  • An issue that occasionally prevented the officers' table from refreshing within Accounts Production has been fixed.
  • Issues with the automatic inclusion of some notes have been rectified. They now correctly appear in the required report types.
  • Resolved an issue that resulted in the Companies House filing history not being accessible.
  • An issue that prevented a small number of notes from being changed when using Edit Mode has been fixed.
  • Stability issues when using the 'send accounts to TaxCalc' function have been fixed.
  • Resolved an issue where some nominal codes were not always appearing in the chart of accounts.
  • A validation has been added when stock amounts differ in regards to closing and opening balances, to help avoid the online submission from failing.
  • A validation has been added when the accountants' report has not been signed.
  • A notification, that incorrectly stated that a Companies House submission is 'pending' when they were not, has been fixed..

Tax Return Production

  • An issue preventing filing receipts from being printed (in a small number of cases) has been fixed
  • The Annual Pension Allowance wizard has been corrected so that allowances are given when nothing has been entered 'pre-rule change'.
  • An issue which resulted in Corporation Tax losses not being brought forward between the old and new (CTv3) CT600 forms has been resolved.
  • An issue which prevented new addresses from being added from within a return has been corrected.
  • Corrected the box reference on some validation messages.
  • Minor typos corrected throughout
  • An issue that occurred with some CT computations (when high amounts of Capital Allowance entries have been made) has been fixed.
  • The 'loans to participators' tax rate has changed for loans issued from 1 April 2016 and the software now allows for these circumstances within the CT600 return.

Client Hub

  • Some issues when using the Advanced Search options within the Client Hub have been corrected.
  • An issue preventing Data Mining filters from being saved has been fixed.
  • Duplicate clients no longer appear when creating more than one trade with an individual client.
  • Annual Return Date and Services Rendered are now options within the Report Manager.
  • Mail merge tokens that did not correctly display details in a small number of cases have been amended

VAT Filer

  • New VAT Form: VAT1 and VAT2 can now be completed within the VAT Filer.
  • Styling and layout within the VAT Filer have been standardised to match the rest of the software.
  • Printing and alignment problems that sometimes occurred with VAT forms have been fixed.


  • The global address book has been corrected to allow existing addresses to be used with new clients.
  • The 'Contact TaxCalc Support' link now works correctly.
  • The 64-8 Agent Authorisation has been updated inline with new HMRC documents.

Please use the following link to see the Release Notes for previous versions of TaxCalc 

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