How do I move to a new computer, including to a different operating system?

There are now Linux and Mac versions of TaxCalc for all customers except Practices running the network version. Of course, our Windows versions continue to exist for all customer types. This article will help you move to a new computer, including between the different operating systems.

The process is different for practice users and individuals. Please make sure you follow the correct instructions:

Individual and Business users

  1. Install the latest version of TaxCalc onto the destination machine. Use the following Knowledge Base articles to help you:
  2. Copy your tax returns from your current machine to the destination machine. We recommend that you put them in the users documents folder. If you do not know where the tax return files are saved on your current computer, please follow the link to How do I find a missing file? (Individual, Partnership and Limited Company users)
  3. Double-click on each of the returns in turn. This will associate the return with TaxCalc and link it to the file. When you open TaxCalc in the future you'll be able to see the return.

Practice users


  1. Make sure your current installation is up to date with the latest release. Open TaxCalc and press F9 to check for updates.
  2. If an available update is shown, you must apply this before continuing.
  3. Once your current platform's version is updated, make a backup of the database as per the Knowledge Base article How do I back up the database?
  4. Install the latest version of TaxCalc onto the destination machine (the version number should correspond to the version you just backed up). Use the following Knowledge Base articles to help you:
  5. Move the backup file you just created to the destination machine and start TaxCalc.
  6. Go to Administration > Database > Restore
  7. Click No to backing up before restoring (this is a fresh install so there is no need).
  8. Browse to the backup file you made and click Open.
  9. Click Restore. You'll see a screen advising that you're restoring from a different operating system.
  10. Click Restore Backup.
  11. Click OK when the restore is completed.

For more in depth information about issues surrounding a network installation, users with the network version should review the instructions in the Knowledge Base article Moving TaxCalc to a new server (Practice - Network version).

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