Which UK ties do I need to enter for non-residence?

If you're claiming non-residence tax you need to enter your UK ties in box 12:

 List which ties apply to you in the Additional information box:

Use the following table to help you.

Type of tie Condition

If any of the following lived in the UK in the tax year:

  • your husband, wife or civil partner (unless you are separated)
  • your partner, who you live with as husband and wife or as civil partners
  • your child under the age of 18.

Note: Special rules apply to children – see section 2 of this guidance note


You have a place to live in the UK available to you for a continuous period of 91 days and you spend at  least one night there in the tax year.

The available accommodation is the home of a close relative and you spend at least 16 nights there.


You do at least 40 days of work in the UK in the tax year.

Your workday is more than three hours.

90 day

You were in the UK for more than 90 days (more than 90 midnights) for either of the previous two tax years.


If the UK was the country in which you spent the most number of midnights in the tax year.

Note: This tie only needs to be considered if you were a UK resident in one or more of the previous three tax years. 

For more information read the HMRC guidance on residence.

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