Moving TaxCalc to a new server (Practice - Network version)

The steps to move TaxCalc to a new server are outlined below.

While the process is reasonably straightforward, TaxCalc can perform this move for customers but it is a chargeable option. Please speak to Support for more detail if you wish us to undertake moving the program to a new server for you.

Make a backup (existing Server)

To make a backup on the existing PC, go to Hub – Administration – Database.

Choose Backup Database and then select a destination on the local machine for the backup file to be saved.

Once the backup has completed you can then transfer the backup file across to the new Server. 

Uninstall the program (existing Server)

Uninstall TaxCalc and the TaxCalc Discovery Service while connected to the internet. This will remove the program from the online registration and will prevent any issues when loading onto the new server.

IMPORTANT  uninstalling TaxCalc does not remove the actual data files from the old PC, just the program files. Data is left intact.

Disable PostgreSQL, go to START > Search. Type services.msc in the search box. Scroll down to the services starting with P, PostgreSQL 9.4 should be shown. Right-click and choose Properties. Stop the service then set Startup type to Manual. If PostgreSQL9.0 also appears, then do the same with that.

PLEASE NOTE – if you do not uninstall the programs from the existing server and disable PosgreSQL, then the database engine and the Acorah Discovery Service remains active. This may mean that client PCs could continue to connect to the old server, leading to database mismatches. If you use PostgreSQL for other databases, please contact TaxCalc support for assistance before disabling the service.

Install the TaxCalc software (NEW Server)

Download and install the program from the TaxCalc website as follows.

PLEASE NOTE: – if you get an 'invalid mac address' message when trying to install on the new machine, please contact Support. This notes that TaxCalc records indicate that the software may already be installed on the maximum number of machines for that account.

Can I store the Postgres database on a remote drive or NAS box?

Restore the backup (NEW Server)

Insert the memory stick or backup hard drive (upon which the the backup made earlier is saved) into the new server.
Copy the file to a location local to the New Server, if you are unsure copy the file to C:\TaxCalcHub then;

At this stage, if you have a Postgres database, you will be prompted for the root database password. This is the password used when installing the program on the new PC. It is not the admin, website or previous (old) machine's root database password.

The server portion of the installation is now complete.

Make sure the workstations connect to the database on the new server

Once the program is successfully installed and running on the server, the client PCs need to be checked to make sure they can connect to the server.

In most cases simply starting the client PC’s version of TaxCalc should allow the machine to connect to the database without a problem, however on occasion users may get the following:

More than one database appears

If more than one database is shown it is likely that the Acorah Discovery Service is still running on the old server, allowing a connection to the old database. Please ensure TaxCalc is removed from that computer. If it is already removed then it may be necessary to stop the Acorah Discovery Service and set it to manual so it doesn’t start again.

To do this, go to START – Search. Type services.msc in the search box. The Acorah Discovery Service should be at/near the top. Right-click and choose Properties. Stop the service then set Startup type to Manual.

'db_connection error' appears

If a 'db_connection error' occurs then it is possible that the Acorah Discovery Service is either not running on the new server or that it is being blocked somewhere.

Restart the Acorah Discovery Service and try again.

If this fails then go to the server and create the db connection file as outlined in the article below.

Troubleshooting your Database connection (Practice users)

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