Database Connectivity error on Network version of TaxCalc

The following error may appear when using TaxCalc on a network.

This message will occur if you are logged into the program and there is a dropped connection to the database.

This can also occur if the machine wakes after being in a hibernate or sleep state.

It can also occur if a backup has failed to restore successfully within the database software. 

Clicking Test Connection should restore the connection to the database if it does not, you may need to connect as admin and log the affected user out of the program.

If the error is happening when the machine is going to sleep, you may need to alter the Power saving settings to increase the time after which the machine goes to sleep.

IMPORTANT - The Server PC should have its power saving settings adjusted so that it does NOT sleep. See the related article for more information

Adjusting power settings so a PC does not go to sleep

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Last updated: 28 Mar, 2017
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