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Prepare for a Merge of Data - 1. Practice Manager

Article ID: 3148
Last updated: 01 Mar, 2021

To prepare for a Merge of data the information held within Practice Manager needs to be correct and up to date. To update clients in the Practice Manager module that are missing their UTR follow these steps.

  1. Open TaxCalc and select Help > Check for Updates, and update if available. 
  2. Open TaxCalc and select the Practice Manager module.
  3. Right click the table heading and add the UTR column
  4. Click on the UTR column heading to sort your client list.
  5. Double click on the client to manually enter the UTR or open the corresponding tax return and select Check & Finish. Follow the instructions within the tcSyncCH information message to use the information held on the tax return to update Practice Manager.
  6. Repeat so all clients present in the database have the relevant UTR number present and displayed within Practice Manager.

Step 3. Sort Client list by UTR.

Step 5. (a) How to access tcSyncCH tool.

Step 5. (b) Using tcSyncCH to update Practice Manager.

Article ID: 3148
Last updated: 01 Mar, 2021
Revision: 4
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