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When opening TaxCalc on Mac systems - "TaxCalcHub is damaged and can't be opened."

Article ID: 3137
Last updated: 12 Jan, 2022

Some Mac customers have reported that when attempting to restart TaxCalc an Apple error message is returned stating that the TaxCalcHub file is damaged and should be deleted.

This is due to the security settings present on the Mac but should only affect older versions of Mac OS.

The best course of action is to temporarily amend the security settings on the mac to allow TaxCalc to start. 

To open a Terminal window.

Open Applications > Utilities > Terminal.

Type exactly or copy and paste into the Terminal window.

sudo spctl --master-disable 

Then press enter and you will be asked to enter your Apple/MAC password. 

Please note that your Apple password will not be displayed when entered into the Terminal window.
If entered correctly the key icon will disappear and return a new line.
If the password has not been entered correctly it will continue to be requested.

Reopen TaxCalc.

Open Settings > Security & Privacy and select the General tab and choose for TaxCalc to Open Anyway

TaxCalc will now open successfully. To ensure you are running the latest version select Help > Check for Updates.

To re-enable the Gateway security setting open a Terminal window as above then type or copy this command.

sudo spctl --master-enable

 Press enter and re-enter your Apple/Mac Password to enable this setting. 

Article ID: 3137
Last updated: 12 Jan, 2022
Revision: 9
Views: 1462
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