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How do I create a task?

Article ID: 1247
Last updated: 01 Aug, 2018

In TaxCalc, you can create tasks that can be allocated to both clients and staff. You can set reminders to alert you of a task and also set them to recur.

Once set up, you can view tasks collectively and filter them according to type, assignee, creation date and a number of other criteria.

Step 1: Open Client Hub

When TaxCalc opens, launch Client Hub from the home screen.

Select Task Management from the left-hand menu.

Select Create New Task from the left-hand menu.

Step 3: Use the Create New Task Wizard

The Create New Task Wizard will open.

At each step, click on Continue to advance to the next step. Click on Go Back to return to the previous step.

Select the Task type from the drop-down menu.

Enter the name of the task.

NOTE: Don't worry about making mistakes. If you need to change this information during the set-up process, click on Go Back to return to this step. You can still make changes once the task is created – as long as you have permission.

You can also add an assignee, a description of the task and a deadline.

Once you’ve completed these fields to your satisfaction, click on Continue.

Task Reminders

Set reminder for due/start date will be auto-ticked by default.

Set the reminder period using the options on the screen.

Click on Continue.

Set your repeatable attributes for recurring tasks on this screen.

Click on Continue.

Associate task with a client/contact

Select a client/contact to be associated with a particular task.

Click on Continue.

Associate task with a work item

Select a work item (return/accounting period) that you would like to associate with a task.

Click on Continue.

Summary of Task

Check the task details in the summary. If anything is incorrect, click on Go Back to amend the relevant step.

When all the details are correct, click on Finish to close the Create New Task Wizard to create your task.

Step 4: Check the Task Management Screen

In Client Hub, select Task Management from the left-hand menu.

The Task Management screen will appear. Check that the new task is listed.

If the new task isn't listed, select All task types from the Type of task drop-down menu and Any User from the Task assigned to drop-down menu.

Click on Refresh Task List.

If the task still doesn't appear, it's likely that you don't have permission to see any user’s tasks in your assigned security profile.

The icon in the Due Date column implies that the task is set to recur.

Open Linked Work option on the left menu will open associated period linked to the task within Accounts Production, Tax Production and VAT.

Step 5: Check and edit reminders

If a task is set with a reminder, the Notification menu will turn red at the set time and will only be displayed to the assignee.

The number displayed in the menu is the number of the tasks assigned to the current user that have reached their reminder date and time.

Click on Show details to display each task in turn.

Click on View Task Reminders to see which tasks are due.

The Task Reminder window will open.

Select the task and click on relevant option on the right-hand side to edit/update or to view history of the task. for example, to re-set the reminder time.

Click on the cross under Dismiss to remove the reminder entirely. The task will remain.

Article ID: 1247
Last updated: 01 Aug, 2018
Revision: 8
Views: 2595
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