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CloudConnect and GDPR
As well as TaxCalc’ s general preparations for GDPR as a data controller and data processor (detailed here: TaxCalc's approach to GDPR) the CloudConnect product has specific additional details. Our cloud service is a core processing focus and we operate it on a data processor basis. CloudConnect...
rating 30 May, 2018 Views: 71
Updating eSign Company Name or Email Address
In order to update the Company name or email address, please complete the below instructions: Go to Admin Centre. Go to the Applications option in the left hand menu. Select eSign Centre and select the Customise eSign Centre option from the left hand menu. Alternatively, you can double click...
rating 22 Oct, 2018 Views: 68
What is the Business Creation Wizard?
With Making Tax Digital on the horizon, we’re getting you set up for the future. The Business Creation Wizard enables you to define separate businesses within the same client. This will make reporting on multiple businesses with different year ends easier to manage and record specific details...
rating 10 Apr, 2019 Views: 61
GDPR Checklist - Records Management
RECORDS MANAGEMENT CHECKLIST Step 1 of 4: Management and organisational records management 1.1 Records management organisation Your business has defined and allocated records management responsibilities. You should assign lead responsibility for records management at a senior enough level to...
rating 02 Oct, 2018 Views: 60
GDPR Checklist - CCTV
CCTV CHECKLIST Step 1 of 4: Installing a system 1.1 Data protection impact assessment Your business has identified and documented the potential impact on individuals’ privacy and taken this into account when installing and operating the CCTV system. You regularly review whether CCTV is still...
rating 02 Oct, 2018 Views: 60
GDPR Checklist - Processors
PROCESSORS CHECKLIST Step 1 of 4: Documentation 1.1 Information you hold Your business has conducted an information audit to map data flows. You should organise an information audit across your business or within particular areas. One person with in-depth knowledge of your working practices...
rating 02 Oct, 2018 Views: 57
GDPR Checklist - Data sharing and subject access checklist
DATA SHARING AND SUBJECT ACCESS CHECKLIST Step 1 of 5: Data sharing governance 1.1 Data sharing policy Your business has communicated policies, procedures and guidance to all staff that clearly set out when it is appropriate for them to share or disclose data. Your policies, procedures and...
rating 02 Oct, 2018 Views: 57
How to create additional consent types in Consent Management
This article will go through step by step on creating additional consent types and methods in Admin. Consent Types Consent Methods Consent Types Step 1: Launch Admin Step 2: Click on Applications > Select Client Hub in the table > Customise Client Hub on the left hand side. ...
rating 22 May, 2018 Views: 55
GDPR Checklist - Information security checklist
INFORMATION SECURITY CHECKLIST Step 1 of 5: Management and organisational information security 1.1 Risk management Your business identifies, assesses and manages information security risks. Before you can establish what level of security is right for your business you need to review the...
rating 02 Oct, 2018 Views: 54
After completing a recurring task, the next task created appears to skip an instance/period
TaxCalc allows for the creation of tasks that can be set to recur with repeatable attributes such as frequency and number of instances. The most common recurring tasks are automatic tasks generated via Task Scheduler from a client record. The due date of these tasks is automatically created...
rating 12 Apr, 2019 Views: 40

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